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Holistic Course Design: proposals for a short course on biosafety | London Met Repository

New infectious diseases continue to emerge and evolve while pathogens that cause known infections but whose incidence has increased significantly over the past three decades are ‘re-emerging’ (NIAID 2004) and since 1973, more than 36 new

Course programme in Irish Studies, 1987-1988 | London Met Repository

Programme of courses at the Irish Studies Centre, Polytechnic of London, 1987-1988.

Irish studies 10 week course. Autumn 1984 | London Met Repository

Information sheet and programme for part II of the course 'A sense of Ireland' to be held at Soar Valley College, Leicester, October-December 1984.

Photographs of the end-of-course session, 2002 | London Met Repository

Colour photographs of a party with live music and dancing taking place in a bar. A handwritten note on the folder reads 'End of course session, Tommy Flynn's, Holloway'.

Course and learning design and evaluation | London Met Repository

Explores different concepts and paradigms of ‘curriculum’ and various models and methods for course and learning design and curriculum evaluation, with varied examples and references to sources where good case studies from a range of disciplines

Return to learning course for Irish women | London Met Repository

Leaflet advertising a 15-week course running on Wednesdays and Fridays, covering subjects such as emigration, Irish history, the Irish in Britain, welfare rights, Irish literature and study skills. The course takes place at the Roger Casement Irish

Creativity : the issues surrounding its assessment in professional marketing courses | London Met Repository

The purpose of this article is to highlight the challenges in assessing creativity in professional Marketing courses and suggest possible ways to overcome some of the challenges.

Optimising classroom activities in professional courses in business | London Met Repository

This paper summaries a 2005 study that aimed to ascertain the optimum mix of activities that can be undertaken in class sessions for part-time professional courses in business, with specific reference to the department of Management and Professional

Designing postgraduate professional courses : a case study from forensic psychology | London Met Repository

Designing postgraduate professional courses presents specific challenges. These are explored in this account of the redesign of an existing psychological testing course, originally created for occupational psychology postgraduates, for a different

Scaffolding the Learning Process: curriculum redesign in a Legal Practice course | London Met Repository

This article discusses the re-design of a discrete section of the Business Law and Practice course (BLP) which is one of the compulsory modules of the Legal Practice Course (LPC), a post-graduate course for those training as solicitors.
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