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- How to find a book on the library catalogue

This short tutorial will show you how to successfully locate a book on the library catalogue.

Mathematics - BSc (Hons)

This intense course offers built-in work placements, a balanced programme of applicable and theoretical mathematics, and knowledgeable staff to help develop your problem-solving and IT skills.
Full-time 3 years, Part-time 4 years, September 2020 Undergraduate
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Aldgate Library in 360°

Explore London Met's Aldgate Library in 360°
Running time: 00:02:31 2019-10-01


With a wide range of study areas and facilities, access to extensive study materials and helpful and well-informed staff, our library services are here to help you succeed.

A Public Library Dilemma | London Met Repository

There is a general decrease in visitors and loans in Swedish public libraries. But the decrease is generally even greater among groups less educated and well off and this divide is growing. The relevance of public libraries is in doubt. The paper

CATs in the Library? - using the ‘One Minute Paper’ in library instruction | London Met Repository

The potential use of Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) and the one particular form of it, the ‘One Minute Paper’ in library instruction

Forensic Science - BSc (Hons)

This fascinating course develops your analytical skills through problem solving and hands-on lab work. You'll learn to carry out biological, chemical and criminalistic procedures safely and accurately.
Full-time 3 years, Part-time 4 years, September 2020 Undergraduate
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Proposal for library development project | London Met Repository

Typescript proposal for a library of material dedicated to Ireland, the Irish and the Irish in Britain. Includes sections on establishment and purpose of library, plan for library development and budget for library development.

Digital age : challenges for libraries | London Met Repository

Information technology and globalization are the two most influential forces of the modern times. IT has given new meanings to the transmission, dissemination and storage of information; whereas globalisation is reducing the importance of
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