Susanna Edwards, Emily Evans and Ricardo Eversley

Studio 1: Author: Reporter

Studio 1: Author: Reporter.

Studio brief 

This studio looks at the two pivotal and opposing roles of the image-maker. Divided in two, this studio will ask you to tackle both the Author and Reporter projects sequentially. This diagnostic period will be followed by the writing of your own final project centred around either the Author or Reporter role. 
Telling a story
Type and image
Textual analysis
Inward looking
Publishing contexts
Books, e-books, chapbooks, online
Unit Editions, Four Corners
Finding a story
Cause and effect
Archival research
Outward facing
Dissemination of ideas
Print, object, film, animation 
Topolski Archive, Reportager
The relationship between text and image is the core of illustration practice. Narrative illustration is used to represent, interpret, alter or heighten the meaning of text.
Here you are asked to experiment with and reimagine the relationship between text and image. What is the purpose of an image in this context? How do you interpret text with images? You will therefore begin to really understand how text and image work together. This project will present you with specific research methods and should form the basis of your practice as an illustrator or graphic designer. You will be given a series of text to work from and will be expected to analyse, interpret and respond to these.
re•port•age – noun, an account of an act, event, history, etc, based on direct observation or on thorough research and documentation.
This project asks you to explore subjects for your visual practice developed from real places, people and subjects. You are asked to imagine yourself as a reporter investigating a place and story. You will be exploring a range of ways that you can collate information such as film, photography, found objects, visiting archives or interviews.


Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Where Calcutta House, Studio 1, second floor
When Tuesday and Friday


Temitayo Awofolu
Rebecca Capewell 
Karl Fitzgerald
Jennifer Garwood 
Kate Hardcastle
William Howells
Devya Kakkar 
Alex Kite 
Lucy Miners 
Dane Roberts
Shaih-Marie Sedeno
Sunissa Walker 
Hubert Windal
Christa Wright 
Logan Bishop
Reanne Bolah 
Hayley Cox 
Simon Hendley
James Notarianni
Andrew Sosnowski 

Visual Communication Studios

Studio 1: Author: Reporter

Susanna Edwards, Emily Evans and Ricardo Eversley

Studio 1: Author: Reporter looks at the opposing roles of the image-maker.

Studio 2: Impression

Angharad Lewis (Grafik), Alistair Hall (We Made This) and Ricardo Eversley

Studio 2: Impression explores publishing within design practice, including exciting new developments with digital tools and media.

Studio 3: Dialogue

Ricardo Eversley and Sara Carneholm

Studio 3: Dialogue focuses on graphics, data, digital design, 
user experience, interaction, social media and content.

Studio 4: Inventivity

Emily Penny, Sara Carneholm and Ricardo Eversley

Studio 4: Inventivity tasks you with inventing and packaging new products and services, working on branding projects for real start-up businesses.

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