Mike Slade and Petr Esposito

Studio 4: The Lived Body

Image: Back with Arms Above by John Coplan

Studio brief

Somatic Spaces

We believe that the body plays a central role in shaping our understanding of the built environment. The relationship between the interior and its dependence on the visual can neglect the experience of space that we understand not just from sight, but from other senses such as touch and smell, or even the social and political qualities associated with each space. As our Unit explores the Lived Body, we’ll be investigating the impacts of a changing body both in its physical abilities, but also its wider impact on their social existence to build an understanding of how spaces allow, inhibit, or can be manipulated to dissect existing spaces into environments where the lived body is nurtured, prospers, and is loved.
We will begin the year with a series of short, experimental projects that look to explore the relationship of the lived body within the context of its immediate environment, addressing questions of scale, movement and materiality. We will then challenge students to consider the changing nature of the body, as a consequence of ageing and sensory loss, to develop highly personal, inclusive and responsive design proposals in real environments in London and challenge the status quo through humour, wit, and touch of the bizarre.
The Lived Body studio will invite students to engage with real-world conditions meeting with and developing a brief with real clients and potential users of their proposals. By doing this, you will develop both the design skills and confidence to continue your work beyond university and have the potential to make a positive contribution to the built environment and the people that occupy it. 



Course Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design BA (Hons) 
Interior Design and Decoration BA (Hons)
Tutor Mike Slade
Petr Esposito
Where Calcutta House, Studio 4, first floor
When Tuesday and Friday


Level 6 Year 3

Camellia Gamel-Eldin
David Haziz
Dipti Islam
Rhabia Nabi
Blazhka Marnikova
Tasni Minns
Silas Ogbole
Aleksandra Prominska
Amina Said
Rosie Snowdon
Natalie Walker-Fifield

Level 5 Year 2

Grace Cross
Catherine Hooper
Jeremy Karikari
Alexandra Konder-Krupanszki
Rima Mohammad Tarar
Cristian Moica
Alicja Pierianowicz

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