Heidi Yeo, Simone ten Hompel and Adi Toch

Studio 3: Poetic Projections

Pinakothek der Moderne München

Studio brief 

Poetic Projection could occur to you in a number of ways. It may suggest the forecast of a future based on study of present trends, or the presentation of image on surface. It could speak about the unconscious transfer of one’s desires or emotions to another person, or the ability to make sound heard at a distance. It offers the notion of something that extends outwards and encompasses the idea of presentation or promotion of something in a particular way. The studio offers the opportunity to explore and interpret your ideas, asking you to reveal something as yet unknown, that charged with your personal voice communicates and has the capacity to gather meaning through time. 
To inform you as a responsible designer, it will focus not only on the designing and making of jewellery and silversmithing artefacts, but also on producing human experiences, through testing how people read and interact with what you produce and how these things function within social, economic, and environmental contexts.  
With our broad sensory capacity for interrogating both the natural and the man-made world, the studio will explore concepts, aesthetic compositions and affects through a process of thinking through making and material relationships. 

Studio structure

The studio encourages you to draw on your own ideas and experiences, to use your own hinterland to discover the forms, materials and techniques you need to develop and express your personal voice. The studio will support you through the stages of research, design development, testing, making and presentation, exploring ideas using your imagination and through debate, drawing on the contemporary world. You will both consolidate and be introduced to new skills and techniques for thinking through and making the jewellery or silversmithing artefacts you imagine. 
A series of projects, working towards developing an independent brief, will help you consolidate your own design philosophy and explore established and emerging platforms of dissemination. You will learn in different ways ranging from group talks, presentations and critique to workshops, demonstrations and collaborations with other disciplines. You will develop your communication skills, and regularly present your recent thinking on the topic. You will be supported in your learning with one-to-one tutorials.
The studio acknowledges both your individual spirit and the essential workplace attributes of successful cooperation and collaboration. Harnessing your gut instincts and creative impulses, projects will support you to imagine, design and make or get made, across a spectrum from the bespoke to multiple production and at different physical scales.  

Studio projects

Kick-start: Imperfection as Ideal – scoping your environment 


Course Jewellery and Silversmithing BA (Hons)
Tutor Heidi Yeo
Where Central House, Studio 3, fifth floor
When Tuesday and Friday


Margaret CONROY 
Irina GOLDA 
Dominik WIECEK
Harriet BROOKS

3D Studios

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Studio 3: Poetic Projections

Heidi Yeo, Simone ten Hompel and Adi Toch

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