3D Studios

Studio 1: Prospéct

Peter Marigold, Chris Emmett and Cathy Stack

The studio themes focus on a series of projects that are not necessarily related but have an attitude of making the best out of the situation that life has dumped on you.

Studio 3: Poetic Projections

Heidi Yeo, Simone ten Hompel and Adi Toch

Studio 4: Encrypt

Steph Amen, Karen Coughlan, James Hunting and Marta Jowska

Studio 4: Encrypt will challenge you to question, reimagine and reconfigure what you believe a design process to be.

Studio 5: Defilé

Aimee McWilliams, Marta Jowska and Karen Coughlan

Studio 6: Sui Generis

Karen Coughlan, James Hunting, Gina Pierce and Lisa Bloomer

Studio 7: Make it Count

James Hunting, Sam Wingate, Gina Pierce and Jude Dennis

Studio 7: Make it Count explores the making ethos that prioritises ownership and intention, with a particular focus on textiles for communities.