Cass Cities Unit

Image by Jane Clossick, photographs of archive images of Tottenham High Road in 1988 from Bruce Castle Museum

Unit brief

This is the unit that works with Mark Brearley and Cass Cities, hosting students on the Cass Cities MA in Spatial Planning and Urban Design. We seek to understand cities in ways that help us design change for the better, especially in London.

Here, urban explorations, observations and propositions are made by 4th Year Professional Diploma in Architecture students who have elected to also take the Cass Cities MA in Spatial Planning and Urban Design, and students taking the MA as a standalone. For more details about this, see the Cass Cities MA page or contact Jane Clossick.

This year, our detailed investigations and projects will be focussed on London's Old Kent Road in the boroughs of Lewisham and Southwark, exploring the idea that it would be good to make the economy of London more extrovert, more shared and more celebrated. Our work will begin with an audit and detailed mapping of the economy of the Old Kent Road, we will make dioramas of details incorporating speculation about what could be, and make suggestions for large scale adjustment.

The study trip will be six days of adventuring in Brussels, roving far and wide, seeing things that bring a smile and others that may make us angry.

To discuss the possibilities, informally, for joining our energetic mission to make the shaping of places be done better, and to speak out on some key matters about the future of London and elsewhere, you can contact Mark Brearley through this link, or any of the unit tutors.


Course Professional Diploma in Architecture
Tutor Professor Mark Brearley
Jane Clossick
Colin O'Sullivan
Adam Towle
Mat Leung
Julia Atkins
Christoph Hadrys
Levent Kerimol
Peter Carl
Lee Mallett
Patrick Lynch
Where Central House, 4th Floor Studios
When Monday and Thursday

Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA part II)

Unit 5: A Place of Type

Mæ: Alex Ely, Michael Dillon and Marina Polycarpou

Unit 9: Free building

Stephen Taylor, Theodoros Thysiades, Sam Holden and Jamie Dean

Unit 10: An Architecture of Relationships III – Horizons in Transition

Signy Svalastoga, Jonathan Cook and Edward Simpson

We will continue to investigate territories in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan, one of the regions worst hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Unit 11: Cultural Infrastructure

David Hills, Alistair Blake, Roberta Marcaccio and Deborah Saunt

Unit 14: NONSUCH

Pierre d’Avoine and Colette Sheddick

Unit 15: Home Economics

James Binning and Paloma Strelitz

Free Unit

Professor Peter Carl and Catrina Beevor

Cass Cities Unit

Professor Mark Brearley, Jane Clossick, Colin O'Sullivan, Adam Towle, Mat Leung, Julia Atkins, Christoph Hadrys, Levent Kerimol, Peter Carl, Lee Mallett, Patrick Lynch, and more...

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