Studio brief

Often the most interesting, unusual and compelling stories are right under your nose. You just can’t see them straight away.

This studio uses the starting point of ‘Land’ to access ideas and stories for short films. The only restriction you have to work with is the location which is the Lea Valley, London.

'Spanning six of London’s boroughs, from the M25 down to Leamouth, this place is packed with urban diversity and challenges aplenty. There is good and bad to react to, and there is big potential for real-world collaborations.

 In the Valley wetlands and waterways, filled and cut earth, lush landscapes and sports grounds, all come together with vibrant high streets, shopping malls and stadiums, industrial areas and housing estates, the emerging ad-hoc as well as the planned, accidental coincidences of apartment blocks and clumsy new infrastructure. This is a humdrum place, and it is remarkable. Its depth and intensity is the stuff of dreams, a place laden with stories and overlapping visions. Here the protagonists and the maps change fast.' Mark Brearley

You are urged to look beyond the obvious and dig deeper. To experiment with form and narrative. To explore the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction filmmaking. You are encouraged to work on your own films and also help where needed on your fellow filmmaker’s projects.

Within the studio you will look at and discuss a range of filmmakers, films  and approaches to moving image including documentary, drama, painting, photography and artist’s films. For example Cindy Sherman, Gillian Wearing, Maya Deren, Chris Marker and Dziga Vertov.

The short films made in the studio will be our contribution to an exciting cross school live project ‘In the Valley’.

 Image of man sitting by his trailer home.


Course Film & Broadcast Production BA (Hons)
Tutors Charlotte Worthington