Studio 5: Chemistry/ Social Interaction

Studio Brief

An understanding of social interaction and devices gives designers the opportunity to narrate and conduct visual experiences. 

The studio will explore the chemistry between traditional and contemporary methods of Graphic Communication whilst formulating an outcome that addresses the impact of personal perception and Social Trends 

Our journey will critique current modern technologies such as websites, apps and commercial digital products as well as traditional modes of communication like street posters, flyers and festival design assets to name a few. They will research, debate and recommend solutions that amplify interaction, minimise noise and increase understanding within an increasingly public forum.  

Creative Themes

The theme of this studio examines the notion of personal and private Social Interaction and what this means for the individual in an increasingly public forum. 

‘Product interaction’ and ‘Technological need’

We will look at interaction via a series of conventional graphic media processes that currently exists within online and offline forums. The question of the individuals pursuit to engage in relationships with material objects will be explored via the notion of ‘The Empty Self’ amongst others. Students will ask whether the need for new experiences overshadows the individual pursuit for durable social and individual connections [Slowing down the new social app syndrome]. 

Analogue & Digital Posters
Craft based Posters, Personal Artefacts [Self promotional Items L6] 

Audience Chemistry/Interaction/Participation
Wall Art, Murals, The use of line and colour & Festival Graphics 

Deconstructing Technological Devices and Social Networking Systems 

Project Briefs

Via tailored research, experimentation and testing, students will explore, devise and rationalise effective methods of communication via a variety of social scenarios. From online consumer forums, commercial advertising canvases to open commuter spaces, the ability to create thoughtful information systems, conversations and artefacts that test user engagement and challenge perception will underpin the main body of projects within this studio. 

A series of Studio collaborations with industry partners will give students a broader understanding of current client ambitions in an increasingly competitive arena. From their findings students will be expected to formulate arguments for and against current industry solutions and trends in the form of project outcomes and reports. 

Main Project Titles

‘Festival Graphics’ Audience Interaction/Participation: 

‘Poster’ Analogue & Digital Posters   
Craft based Posters, Signs & Symbols, Personal Artefacts [Self promotional Items L6] 

‘The Social Media’ Touch/Symbols/Icons 


The studio will introduce students to the technical parameters of online representation and engagement via a series of bespoke coding sessions. Exploration of Type, Tone, Texture and Craft will also feature heavily within technical and workshop sessions. These sessions will bridge the gap between industry standard pre-requisites for graphic communication students. 

Industry Practice

An analysis of space and the way we use and interact with it will start an ongoing conversation about student representation in exhibition settings. Cross studio critiques and final exhibitions at will be used to gain a better understanding of how students can best represent themselves and their work. 

Level 3 students will engage in Industry practice learning and respond to projects analysing management and client interaction, creative mindsets, stereotypes, trends and user patterns, Projects will culminate via a series of thought provoking promotional devices and reports using analogue and digital techniques. 

Visits: Tate Modern, London Design Festival and Digital Shoreditch, Portrait Gallery. 

Study Trip: TBC 

Studio Partners and Talks: Studio Output, Grand Visual LTD. Alex Dunn Johnson and BBH, Design Shift.

Image Credit: Ricardo Eversley


Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)

Ricardo Eversley
Kieron Baroutchi

Where Studio 5, 5th Floor, Commercial Road
When Tuesdays, Fridays

Ottavia Alieri
Georgi Dichev
Elliot Eastman
Prince Henebeng
Jakub Hudak
Ivan Kho
Shazzadur Rahman
Didem San
Tarlan Talebipour
Hazel Calperwood
Daria Goloskokova
Melissa Carolin Handrich
Victoria Hoff
Estera Lazowska
Sonia Lorenzo
Costanza Milano
Dovile Mockute
Juan Miguel Tudeca Puente
Irene Dos Santos
Joana Santos
Sandra Suchocka E Silva
Katarzyna Wiliwinska
Yana Yankova
Sofia Zolobova