DSP and programming for emerging technologies

Studio brief

In this studio, you will learn about the new hardware technologies and software algorithms behind the creation, processing and dissemination of audio and sound.

For Level 5 and 6: this studio is taken by students on the second and third years of the BSc Music Technology (Audio Systems) course. The advantage of this is that, if you are in the second year, you get an opportunity to see and be inspired by the work done at a more advanced level. Third year students will have the opportunity to present and explain their work, in the process getting suggestions and ideas for refining the product.

In the first part of the module, you will work with Arduino technology to design and build audio systems. Later on, you will work with the Processing programming language to develop audio web apps. All this is accompanied by class based lectures and workshops on the theory and principles of digital audio processing.

The second part of the studio differs according to the year you are in. If you are in the second year, you will build up a portfolio of work for assessment based on work submitted earlier in the module. If, however, you are in the third year, you submit a single project, based on one of the technologies investigated in this studio. You will make a mid-project presentation of your work, on which you will get both tutor and peer feedback.



Music production software


Course Music Technology (Audio Systems) BA (Hons)
Tutor Dr Allan Seago