Visual Communication Studios

Studio VisCom 01: Future Past

Susanna Edwards and Michelle Salamon

Future Past is a studio run in collaboration with The Roman Road Trust.

Studio VisCom 02: Ellipsis

Angharad Lewis and Alistair Hall

In this studio we explore the materiality of printed communication; we test the tools and processes used to communicate visually on the page.

Studio VisCom 03: Design Futures

Ricardo Eversley and Emily Evans

Design Futures: A studio that authors via the lens of traditional and digital products as tools for design making, thinking, seeing and storytelling.

Studio VisCom 04: Give and Take

Sara Carneholm and Russell Weekes

In Studio Give and Take we will explore different aspects of art direction, a field that is as relevant to illustrators as it is to graphic designers.

Studio VisCom 05 (Animation students only): Space Speaks, Time Talks

Mark Collington

This studio explores how a text manifests itself in the spatial and temporal medium of animation production.