Final Cuts Festival 2024 programme

Final Cuts festival of outstanding student work, 7 June 2024

You're cordially invited to Final Cuts, the School of Computing and Digital Media's annual screening of outstanding short films and documentaries by Film & TV Production BA students at London Metropolitan University.

7 June, 1.30–5pm

Graduation show: FINAL CUTS @BFI (at BFI Southbank)


Director statements

Writer/Director, Tooth Fairy

‘Tooth Fairy’ is an eerie horror movie that delves into a single mother’s struggle with her inner demons. Inspired by my interest in crime documentaries and horror movies, this film explores the thin line between reality and hallucinations. It confronts schizophrenic tendencies often ignored until it is too late and, according to crime cases – very usually preventable. My vision is to create a claustrophobic and disturbing experience that lingers long after the credits roll, leaving the audience with a profound sense of unease. Was the house genuinely haunted by an evil spirit, or was the Tooth Fairy living within the mother all along?

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Writer/Director, Divine Hunger 

"Therapy is not about fixing anything, therapy is about self-discovery. Divine hunger is an incredibly personally story to me, I am a young man that battles my own mental health demons. We follow a young woman who alongside her therapist journey inside her mind. I wanted to tell a story that left viewers disturbed and disgusted, I used themes of greed and trauma to construct a narrative about a cannibal accepting who she is."

Dillon Brown Films

Writer/Director, Diary Of A Starseed

Do you think you are a starseed?” a friend once asked

“A what?” I replied 

Diary Of A Starseed is a theatrical piece for every twenty-something year old who wants to be and do everything whilst also  fearing being nothing.

This film is my experimental ode to the end of girlhood and the beginning of a new uncharted stage of life. 

If you were sent down from the stars to experience life as a human, would you feel at peace or at pressure? Either way, these are the best years of your life and only you can decided how to live them.

Eleanor Tomecek

Writer/Director, Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a heartfelt comedy drama following Ray as he embarks on his final adventures. With not long to live, Ray's goal is to repair family wounds and treat everyone to one last slice of eccentricity before it's time to go.

The making of this film has been a cathartic experience for me, with the protagonist being loosely inspired by my late grandfather who passed away last year. I wanted to honor him and recreate some of the ridiculous stories he offered us for all to see.

Kintsugi Instagram

Writer/Director, Charlie 497 

After watching Skinnamarink, I was intrigued by how they build tension throughout the film. It left me wondering how horrifying it would be if they implemented a jump scare. So out of passion and curiosity, I decided to make this film. To see if I could enhance the techniques used in Skinnamarink for Charlie 497. That’s mainly it. Enjoy the film :)

Tim Lee Films

Chomp Films (YouTube)

Writer/Director, Matryoshka

As a new director with a background in comedy, venturing into horror was both challenging and exciting. Being a fan of psychological horror, I wanted to explore the feeling of unease and the fear of the unknown. My goal was to create a film that focuses on atmospheric dread, summoning a lingering sense of suspense. By immersing the audience in an environment where they feel a constant state of anxiety and anticipation, I aimed to build a narrative that plays with the fear of the dark and mysterious nature of the Russian dolls used in the ritual.


Writer/Director, Mary & Eve

I always like to keep an element of weirdness and absurdity to my work, and I hope Mary & Eve reflects that! Balancing the sensitivity and the strangeness was something that became really important to me, and that I really enjoyed, and getting to know characters so far removed from myself was an experience I'd never had before. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and getting to direct my own work in university has been a great learning experience that I'm hoping to keep going at. If this film makes you feel anything at all (unless it's bad), then I take that as a sign I've done my job right!

A flourishing of creativity

"London Metropolitan University is proud to welcome you once again to the annual Final Cuts @BFI Southbank screening, where we showcase films from our Film & Television Production BA (Hons) graduates in the School of Computing and Digital Media. These young filmmakers are rightly proud of their work, produced across a range of diverse genres and subjects. Congratulations to them all."

Jeremy Collins, BA (Hons) PhD.
Course leader, Film and Television Production BA (Hons)

Meet the team

Festival coordinators:

Suzanne Cohen, Lecturer in Digital Filmmaking
Louis Heaton, Lecturer in Digital Filmmaking

Publicity: Michael Upton

Twitter: @LMetFinalCuts and @Londonmetfilm
Instagram: @londonmetfilm

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7 June 1.30–5pm

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