Studio VisCom 05 (Animation students only): Space Speaks, Time Talks

Studio brief

This studio explores how a text manifests itself in the spatial and temporal medium of animation production. It consolidates a range on contexts, cultural theories and industry practices acquired across the three years of the course. The major studio project begins with more literal interpretation of a text through applying conventional narrative genre and structure to storyboarding. 

It then expands on how the text is interpreted and communicated through character development of character narrative arcs, dialogue and physical body language; as well as the production design of sets from a screenplay, using contextual research into semiotics and semantics, and also lighting and composition to create meaning through mise-en-scène. 

The studio finally ventures in to more abstract responses to the text by exploring the language of the edit and montage theory, as well as different forms of sound, including diegetic sound, narration and music. The final outcome may include any number of combinations of these processes, and may also involve cross-disciplinary collaboration – resulting in anything from a pitch for an animation series, to a series of GIFs, an installation or immersive experience. 

Critical reflection on the development of all studio major project work is documented in the format of a ‘pitch bible’ and ‘two-sheet’, the standard way of pitching an animation series to a commissioning body, but also a model that translates well into pitching for other forms of art commission.

Contemporary light installation with multiple meanings


Course Illustration and Animation BA (Hons)
Tutor Mark Collington
Where Calcutta House, first floor CM3-13
When Tuesday, (alternate Wednesdays), Thursday and Friday