Studio VisCom 04: Give and Take

Studio brief

It’s not broken, let’s fix it. Take notice. Find new perspectives, new functions, reposition. Play. We add, we take away, we move things. We make things move, we find new ways to make something moving. We create culture. We play and we make decisions.  

In Studio Give and Take we will explore different aspects of art direction, a field that is as relevant to illustrators as it is to graphic designers.

Project 1 will have an art direction and drawing focus – we will explore drawing in a very wide sense which will lead us to playful and considered outcomes.

Project 2 will focus on art direction and photography and Project 3 will be art direction and print.

Hands of a white person and the hands of a black one touching each other


Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration and Animation BA (Hons)
Design for Publishing BA (Hons)
Tutors Sara Carneholm
Russell Weekes
Where Calcutta House, Studio 4, second floor CM2-12
When Tuesday and Friday

Year 2

Cheriece Johnson
Kat Kawaters
Salem Khazali
Malgorzata Kozdron
Jasmine Lloyd
Phoebe Niner
Daniel Power
Jamie Stannard 
Year 3
Katya Chong
Ella Deadman
Tatiane Giusti Rodrigues
Georgina Hammond
Finnian Kidd
Jessica Manique
Sasha Mitchell
Dane Roberts
Shaih Sedeno
Oliver Villalonga-Roman
Sunissa Walker
Lisa Wallius