Studio 07: FIT

Studio brief


As both a continuation and new departure for the Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (ARCSR), Studio 7 will be basing this year’s work in Athens, Greece. In keeping with the aims of ARCSR over the last 15 years and building on our teaching methods, you will use hands-on techniques of measurement and construction analysis to survey some of the vast empty properties in the city centre. Along with improvised conversations with migrants and refugees currently in central Athens, we seek to locate an economic and culturally viable design solution for one of the many problems besetting both asylum seekers and the Greek government.

The studio allows for individual approaches to define self-motivated programmes supported by an extensive knowledge of techniques and investigative methodologies developed within ARCSR. No two projects will be the same, yet each will be based in a common understanding of the urban design and architectural problems of civic design in the twenty-first century.

Drawing, sketching, photographs and models will be used in the preliminary testbed project to gain understanding of the problems of urban renewal in London, and this will be transferred to Athens for the main project following the studio trip in November. A scoping study has been carried out over the summer 2017 by ARCSR teaching staff and postgraduate students, and this will be made available to you at the start of the year.

There will be opportunity to learn about Classical architecture and Greek culture as well as those of the refugees you will be meeting. You will build on our associations with non-government organisations and charities, both local and global scale, as well as ‘anarchists’ currently occupying the city, towards a potential future live ARCSR project supported by the Water Trust.

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Photograph of a historic ruined building for sale covered with graffiti [Robert Barnes]


Course Architecture BA (Hons)
Tutors Robert Barnes
Dr Bo Tang

Goulston Street
Room GS1-19

When Tuesday and Friday

Architecture Studios