Studio Art 05: I Love Painting Things

Studio brief

This studio explores the full meaning of the 'love of painting things'. Painting things means not only depicting stuff (portraits, landscapes, abstractions, signs, stories, scenes), but also painting on things, paintings as objects and the things we use to paint with. If painting is to do with applying colour in layers and strata to any type of surface, then this studio is about absolutely loving that and being busy and prolific in making work that "does what it says on the tin": painting things.

Students wishing to join this studio should be interested in drawing, flat surfaces, printmaking, painting, performance, imagery, but also in sculpture and ceramics. We welcome collaboration and debate with film, digital art and photography.

The studio is based around an idea about student-centred learning where what tutors are interested in is developing your 'voice'. That doesn't mean there won't be lots of taught sessions and deep questioning of the art process. No, that's what we love doing! We are going to be looking at why artists make art and who it might be for. In fact, the whole ethos of this studio is that, through the interrogative, we learn what are the most important questions in a process of continuous feedback, typical of the artistic process.

The first two weeks will be devoted to ideas about what is loosely called 'inspiration'. Staff will introduce a short project themed around 'Time and Beginnings', which will generate work for the Christmas Cracker show. Mondays in the first term will be about preparing and researching for personal project. Thursdays in the first term will be about input. The second term is all centred around the development of the personal project. For Year 3 students this will become the basis of their degree show.  In the spring, there will also be a special pop-up exhibition in Bob and Roberta Smith's studio in Ramsgate, Kent where all this studio's students will be invited to execute a mobile art object for an invited audience. Throughout the year we shall hold seminars and exhibition visits.

All art is about making your mark. Whether you want to depict the world or paint the world by covering it in sticky gloss paint, we are here to help! All the staff love painting things, we feel painting things is important.

Artists to look at

New Generation:
Nijideka Akunyili Crosby, Michael Armitage, Math Bass, Matt Connors, Mark Flood, Sanya Kantarovsky, Laura Owens, Yelena Popova, Mary Ramsden, Neo Rauch, Wilhelm Sassnel, Caragh Thuring, Charlyn Von Heyl.

Abstraction/ Painting-object/Painting in expanded field:
Jo Baer, Katrin Bremermann, Mary Corse, Diana De Solares, Eugenio Espinoza, Amy Feldman, Al Held, Imi Knobel, Bob Law, Edwina Leapman, Oliver Mosset, Blinky Palermo, Michael Parmentier, Steven Parrino, Charlotte Posenenske, Anne Truitt.

Paul Cezanne, Francisco Goya, Kazimir Malevich, Edouard Manet, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt van Rijn, Joseph Turner, Diego Velasquez.

Reading list

  • Giorgio Agamben, Notes on Gesture from Infancy and History – The Destruction of Experience
  • Michel Foucault, Las Maninas from The Order of Things
  • Boris Groys, The new between past and future from On the New
  • Boris Groys, Culture Value Boundaries and Social Inequality from On the New
Photo image of a trolley with text 'I Love Painting Things'


Course Fine Art BA (Hons)
Painting BA (Hons)
Photography BA (Hons)
Tutor Bob and Roberta Smith
Andrea Medjesi Jones
Where Calcutta Small Annex, CS2-05
When Monday and Thursday

Fine Art