Studio 3D 05: Something to Say

Studio brief

Questions underpin daily life: 

We ask ourselves... 
Other people ask us...
We ask other people...
and so it continues...

If we don’t question we don’t progress.
In order to answer and to formulate questions you must first have something to say.

This studio experience will offer you the opportunity to explore, investigate, respond and reflect on who you are and what you want to say.
It is not about final finished outcomes, it is about: 


This studio could equally be called "What if...?"

It will be a series of projects, short experiences and shared occasions that look at the juxtaposition of the interior personal voice of the maker and the regard of the external consumer.

Outcomes will be primarily focusing on the interiors market, leaving the definition of interior to the individual studio members.

Members will receive individual support and input; your voice is the one to be heard, we are here to test you, question you and suggest potential avenues for you to engage with.

We all have something to say. This studio will provide you the space to begin to find that voice... to engage with issues you feel strongly about, to develop an understanding of the power and scope of the textile media, and occupy a place in the continuum of making for change.

We will be undertaking various commercial projects building on the success of the collaboration with Tissage last year. There is a collaborative exhibition project we are working on with Colorado State University, a project looking at dementia and mental health support, one involving running a market stall, and we are aiming for an exhibition in France in 2018. 

You bring the engagement and hunger – we bring the recipe books and show you where to find the ingredients.

What is it you want to say?

Handwritten notes


Course Textile Design BA
Fashion Accessories and Jewellery - BA (Hons)
Tutors James Hunting (Studio Leader)
Gina Pierce
Sam Wingate
Where Calcutta House, Studio 5, first floor CM1-01
When Tuesday and Friday

Year 2

Sara Abubaker
Amy Cutler
Hannah Duffy
Lorraine Feldman P/T
Maha Ghazal
Klaudia Krzyzaniak 
Wictoria Pasieka
Rachana Rana
Stephanie Todd
Aisha Yusuf

Year 3

Fiona Ainomgisha
Mahmuda Begum
Sarai Bibby
Bridget Fenty
Harjit Gill
Harriet Hall 
Indre Jursenaite
Arooj Khan
Nusaybah Khan
Nicola Margai
Frances Mcbain
Frances Mcbain 
Farah Nasir
Augustina Owusu
Rohini Sharma
Liga Thrower
Barbara Thwaites 
Carolina Torres
Sahar Yusefi