Studio 3D 03: Elixir

Studio brief

Purify, mature and perfect. Developing a structure of basic techniques, creating form and silhouette that reflects a genre.

"Driven by chemistry, Searching for affinity".
Heaven And Alchemy, Siouxsie Sioux

Studio Concept

Studio Elixir is about the skills and craftsmanship used in the creative industries – design and creativity will come to these elements from the focal point of craftsmanship. Look at a piece of embroidery, a sculptured silhouette of corsetry, the Balenciaga silhouette, a Mary Katrantzou print, or an Andrew Lamb piece of jewellery. Do you ever ask the question how it is created? Is it magic or science?

Elixir is part of the history of science, which is the history of human interaction with nature, and humanity's attempts to harness the power of nature for very human needs and wants.

The elixir of life is the idea that nature had secrets to give and that they could be revealed through laboratory examination and experimentation.

Or was Elixir magic? Was "magic" used in the processes of elixir? A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.

It is with these thoughts and concepts that will carry you through as a creative designer in Studio Elixir.

Discovery is primal; firstly within yourself as a designer and how you can develop skills and techniques to show your identity.

Experimentation is the essence of new design – bringing an explosion of ideas and possibilities.

Researching, recording, developing and executing with precision and accuracy will be the ingredients necessary to achieve a chemical reaction.

Studio description and requirements

In this studio we are going to scientifically examine how certain textiles and garments are created. What skills go into these processes? Think of a bespoke tailored suit from Saville Row. Underneath the perfect exterior, there are numerous canvases and interlinings, stitch types and structures, mostly hand created to produce the final perfect and effortless look of the ‘tailored suit’. Think corsetry and the types and methods used in the boning to create the scaffolding of the corset.

Do you analyse and examine the structures of garments and textiles? Then maybe Studio Elixir is perfect for you.

Tailoring methods, corsetry structures, embroidery techniques and traditional skills are the foundations for adding to your own 2017 contemporary design. Look at references such as Sir Tom Baker for an up-to-date take and feel on the Saville Row suit or Mr Pearl for corsetry.

Project briefs

Project briefs will reflect the essence of Elixir – live projects presented by designers who are the highest skilled artisans and scientists of their art from companies such as Burberry and Kenzo. During the year The Drapers Bursary will provide an opportunity to discover somewhere new on foreign lands.

Is it magic or science?

Upside-down hanging dried roses


Course Fashion BA (Hons)
Tutors Adam Entwistle
Steph Aman
Marta Jakubowski
Fumi Kimura
Karen Coughlan
Where Calcutta House, Studio 3, fifth floor CM5-05
When Tuesday and Friday

Year 2

Anudari Chuluunbaatar
Charlie Constantinou
Nedelcu Elena Alexandra
Darja Gerova
Klara Konickova
Suaad Mohamed
Vanessa Musoke
Kamelya Ozkeser
Matthew Robertson
Leigh-Anne Simms
Amelia Stanton 
Sofia Targova
Lisa Thomas

Year 3

Mariam Adeniran
Miriam Ahmed
Rasharde Atavwhigo
Charlotte Cross
Bweendo Hachieuka
Georgia Harvey
Emily Jamieson
Briony Piper
Elisabeta Suciu