Studio 3D 02: Scandalous

Studio brief

It’s a scandal – absolutely prohibited – no limitations – underbelly of sordid filth and grime – uncut.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West 1893, or so she claimed – 1980.

Are you attracted to the scandalous and the provocative in fashion, music, literature, the arts, or politics?

Do you look at an Alexander McQueen show and think that this is what you want to create? Are you attracted or repulsed?

Studio concept

Studio Scandalous will be the foundation for creating the unimaginable, provoking questions and creating concepts.

Be outrageous. However it will take blood sweat and tears to achieve and truly distinguish your mark in the world of fashion design and creation. You have nothing to lose, now is an opportunity like never before to take a risk.

Introduce us to new ideas, question what is wrong and why, use these ideas as a starting point, be bold and experimental – create a storm.

At the end of the day it is the results that count. How you execute your concept through final design outcome or collection is paramount, it is about attention to detail – every angle must be covered, leave no stone unturned. Take away the scandal, the provocative and outrageous elements and the question you must ask yourself is do I still have a beautiful design underneath it all?

Hard work, perseverance and stamina is pivotal in making your position known. Talent is longevity.

We want the best, we have high demands and expect exceptional achievements. We want to see something we have never seen before. It is up to you to deliver, be proud and stand by what you say.

A scandal needs planning and dedication to deliver from beginning to end. Make some history create a movement. 

Studio description and requirements

It is easy to be outrageous but to be outrageous and create it well requires skill and craftsmanship. For example look at the textiles and embroideries, the milliners and jewelers who worked with McQueen on his collections; from Philip Tracy to Sarah Harmarnee and Shaun Leane, these creators, like McQueen, are expert craftsmen. Underneath the outrageous shows there are beautiful clothes and created with best craftsmanship and skills. Outrageous on its own is short-lived it must be backed up by skills. We are going to strip your outrageous and provocative design back to basics – make sure there is a beautiful product behind it!

Not only looking at the obvious such as McQueen – you can look at movements, anything from Glam Rock in the 70s to clubs in the 80s, such as Blitz, to the New Romantics in the 80s through to characters such as Leigh Bowery or Quentin Crisp or Divine or Movie Directors such as John Walters... For their time and era they were provocative. It's 2017 – follow in their footsteps…

Project briefs will include:

Project "White" – show us the colour. A visionary concept project which will conclude with a vivid presentation.

Throughout the year live project briefs will be included with industry professionals and creative superstars such as Miss Polly Rae, famed for bringing burlesque to London’s West End in the critically acclaimed The Hurly Burly Show with William Baker (Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Rihanna) and The "Soho Burlesque Club in London’s Legendary Hippodrome. This provides opportunities to get out and experience.

"Beautifully wrong, sublimely scandalous."

Naked doll


Course Fashion BA (Hons)
Tutor Steph Aman
Marta Jakubowski
Fumi Kimura
Karen Coughlan
Where Calcutta House, Studio 2, fifth floor CM5-05
When Tuesday and Friday

Year 2

Debora Rute Abrantes Lima
Paula Barba Calzado
Laura Bromley
Henriett Egressy
Halil Halil
Mariam Hamed
Saba Hussain
Lucretia Sandu
Denitsa Todorova
Qiyu Yuan

Year 3

Sara Aziz
Suzette Codnerprou
Claudia Covatariu
Bura Laxmi
Amelia Morton
Janay Mwanza
Oyindamola Oloko 
Sade Olotin
Thamini Pitchaimani 
Saleh Raghad 
Samirah Safdar
Magdalena Seyfried 
Cigdem Ozkan