Studio 3D 01: Amalgam

Studio brief

We feel that designers should emerge from our studios with a broad range of skills that equip them for the complex reality that creative people face.

Having wide-ranging abilities in the world means that you can get things done. Rather than just lurk away in a workshop alone, or master 3D modelling with your headphones on, being a successful designer requires resourcefulness and a combination of skills. These represent an amalgam of experiences that you must acquire over time. The times of simple career paths for people specialising in a narrow field all their working lives have gone, to be replaced with the need for constantly evolving and developing portfolios of skills and knowledge that offer opportunities for work and collaboration with people from other disciplinary areas.

This year we will encourage all of our students to experience every aspect of design creativity, ranging from hands-on traditional workshop skills, into experimental making techniques, into abstract thought processes, into consideration of how to present your ideas to the world and ultimately how to make your creativity work for you financially. These are all important parts of your skills as a designer and you should embrace them all.

We will be engaging with a number of external companies and clients to offer you insights and experience of the demands and expectations of real-world work. They will be engaging with us because they are ready to be surprised and challenged by what the fresh thinking of students can bring to their businesses, not because they hope you'll offer them what they already know and can do. The challenge for you is both to develop a personal vision and also to be able to persuade others of its value.

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Furniture and Product Design BA
Furniture FdA
Tutors Peter Marigold
Cathy Stack
Will Smith
Where Calcutta House, Studio 1, first floor CM1-14 & CM1-10
When Tuesday and Friday

Year 2

Craig Burton
Catia Cabral 
Finlo Corrin
Martha Haines
Jake Hawkins
Leanne Kennerson
Adam Mezughi
Anton Mikkonen
Tomas Olsen
Hannah Rose
Micah Sides
Ross Smith
Kerry Steptoe
Zack Warren
Adam Watts

Year 3

Alexandra Achi
Cecelia Back
Thurston Dias
Nathanilel Knowles
Barnabas Lewis
Ella Merriman
Diana Moon
David Moosafavid
Anji Moses-Olomu
Sean O'Brien
Moe Redish
Diggory Rush
Khrishma Sokhal
Adriyana Stefanova
Abbie Tipler

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