Studio 3: Dialogue

Studio brief  

Graphic, Data and Digital Design

Dialogue is a multi-dimensional, dynamic and context-dependent process of creating meaning; an educational interface between the user and curator.

This studio offers illustrators, graphic designers and publishers a series of exciting practical briefs and studio partners that will collectively explore the interface between the designer and culture, between analogue and digital approaches, user and experience.

In the modern world's complex and unstable climate, dialogue is crucial to help heal splits and divisions, promote understanding and encourage an inclusive culture within design and between disciplines in order to help secure the future. As artists, designers, performers and writers, you are uniquely placed to help articulate and facilitate this dialogue – to visualise, interpret, disseminate and communicate, through the use of screen, print, film and social media content. A dialogue where contributions are considered according to the validity of their reasoning, instead of according to the status, race, gender, position of power of those who make them.

As a person or citizen you also need to understand your own position clearly in order to help shape this dialogue with others; to develop a series of visual dialogues that prevent ambivalence; to understand judgement, choice and experience, psychologically and linguistically a series of chosen and given mediums.


Brief 01

Persona: dialogue with the self/the map of me – user understanding and experience
You will thoroughly examine yourself through individual and group workshops in order to create "a map of yourself" using analogue, digital, motion and print. A narrative process will then be used to visualise these outcomes via a user-centered app prototype.

Brief 02

Experiential design: data visualisation/user understanding and experience
Using a supplied or a chosen set of data streams and/or information as base material, you will explore innovative ways of visualising dialogue on a variety of subjects, particularly the representation of gender, culture and ethnicity in the design industry amongst other key trends and topics.

Brief 03

Design geometry: image/text/sound – studio portfolio
Your final project will require you to have a conversation with present and future peers, collaborators, employers and users. You will produce a portfolio that clearly presents your best work ready for The Cass Summer Show, portfolio surgeries and employment.

Studio tutors

Studio leader: Ricardo Eversley
Studio assistant Sara Carneholm

Studio partners

Grand Visual

Grand Visual is a production and creative technology company offering platforms and services that unlock the communication potential of digital technologies and the out-of-home audience. A place where digital experiences meet the real, physical world.

Studio Output

Studio Output work with some of the biggest global brands, making a difference through innovative and memorable design. They deliver a fully integrated creative service underpinned by compelling strategies and an incredible attention to detail.

Room CR6

Room CR6 are a full-service motion graphic and digital design studio based in central London, offering a wide range of solutions from branding, mobile application design, user experience to storyboarding, video editing and animation.

Territory Studio

Territory Studio brings their deep expertise of narrative design for film, games and brands to client projects. Their work is tied together by a love of craft and creative, a passion for storytelling and a designer’s eye for problem-solving. What sets them apart is a uniquely refined design intelligence, near-future expertise and a team of ambitious, focused and proactive cross-discipline specialists.

Studio 3 

Studio 3 focuses on graphic, data, digital design, 
user experience, interaction, social media and content.

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Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Tutors Ricardo Eversley
Sara Carneholm
Where Calcutta House
When Tuesday and Friday, Studio 3, second floor
A'Isha Bounouar 
Anastasia Browne 
Katya Chong
Mark Fletcher 
Samantha Friend
Cecile Genevier
Tatiane Giusti Rodrigues 
Viktoria Hristova 
Aminata Mansaray 
Charlotte McGlinchey 
Kyrle Simpson 
Carlos Valencia 
Oliver Villalonga-Roman 
Lisa Wallius 
Joao Cardoso 
Katarzyna Dabrowka 
Luka Morkyte 
Cristian Nastase 
Robert Olley 
Armando Villani
Jordan Walker 

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