Unit 5: The Deep Block

Unit brief

The Deep Block

This year we are interested in the potential space between life and work. Through exploring audacious and ambitious spaces, we'll explore a semi-public offering to the city - the creation of courts, light wells and lobbies within a high-density city block.

You'll study large internal spaces such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Building and Kevin Roche’s Ford Foundation, alongside external spaces such as Piazzale Degli Uffizi. There will be a consideration of the atmosphere created by these rooms, as well as their craft, how they feed into adjacent spaces and their private/public nature.

This continues our themes from last year, such as the division of quarters between servant and owner created by the rich spatial priority in Edwardian mansion blocks, with opulent rooms overlooking the street and utility of the court. The court and light well will be used as a tool, questioning sectional convention and harnessing spatial priority to create delight and density.

The studio will explore the height of buildings in London, primarily through large-scale model making. You'll also walk around, look at and draw collective spaces within the city.

Sepia-toned photograph taken in Milan of the interior of a building.


Course Professional Diploma in Architecture in RIBA2
Tutor Alex Ely
Michael Dillon
Adam Powell
Where Central House, fourth-floor studios
When Monday and Thursday

Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA part II)