Unit 13: A Society of Rooms

Unit brief

We believe it is possible to make new neighbourhoods in London which are full of life, work, diversity and beauty. Join us as we revive the art of town planning.

We are working, live with a group of highly engaged writers, planners, practitioners and artists, on an area of central Hackney which will change dramatically. We can frame the debate and lead the vision with informed, precise and joyful speculation. We will be brave and take risks in our work to join up landscape and architecture, detail and grand plan, street talk and regulation. We will test these with large-scale scene sets and short films. 

Through Cubitt, Camillo Sitte, Christopher Alexander, through drawing, pattern books and pattern language we will understand how the city is read and experienced and make a structure for our work that both prizes and transcends individual authorship.

We will look at the background, the framework and the figure and how they work together. We will not be led by programmes but we will engage responsibly with those to house an active society. We will celebrate strong autonomous architecture with contingent for mess, life and potential for change.

Experiential, material and haptic qualities of selected works of art make it both contemporary and critical in an era of image saturation. This is one of our starting points for an architecture of experience and meaning. Precise composition of rooms, elevations, material and detail will be founded in a practice of thinking through making. We will learn to compose the city as a Society of Rooms. 

Cour du Dragon, rue du Dragon. Paris, 1913


Course Professional Diploma in Architecture
Tutor Adam Khan
Juliette Scalbert
Where Central House, fourth floor studios
When Monday and Thursday

Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA part II)