Studio 2: Utopian and Dystopian City Visions

Studio brief

This cross-disciplinary studio looks at the constantly evolving aesthetic experience of the urban space, and how we can visually tell a story about the function and identity of a place. The studio develops and applies knowledge learned from the interior narrative set design project from level 4 to cityscape set designs at level 5.
In term one, the studio investigates a range of high-tech and ‘lo-fi’ practices designed to broaden the paradigm of animation. These include cross-disciplinary workshops on: reportage storyboards and film/photographic montage; architectural model making and animation set design using found materials (bricolage) with lighting, camera and sound (mise-en-scène), laser cutting and projection mapping.
Project work from term one will form part of an exhibition at an official London International Animation Festival event in the Bank Gallery at The Cass on Thursday 1 December, 2016.
In term two the studio explores how to apply a similar range of techniques to develop and interpret jewellery and silversmithing ideas into projections onto buildings – as a form of micro to macro exploration of ornament/communication/mediation. 
Students then have the opportunity to rework material produced in terms one and two in relation to their emerging specialist interests. The studio will culminate in exhibiting a series of installations and films by animators, architects and jewellers/silversmiths in The Cass Summer Show 2017. These will individually and collectively present subjective experiences and interpretations of city life in London.
Photograph of Animation-Architecture workshop exploring bricolage and mise-en-scène (2016).


Course Animation BA (Hons)
Tutors Mark Collington
Sandra Denicke
Geraldine Holland
Heidi Yeo
Simone Ten Hompel

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