Studio 7: Make it Count

Studio brief

Underpinning this studio is a making ethos that prioritises ownership, intention and an understanding of personal process over and above technique alone. Participation will require an engagement with yourself, the wider communities and an approach to the act of creative making through responding to needs, including the physical, emotional and political.

The act of making can create communities through communication, sharing and helping to overcome cultural and generational divides. Textiles in particular offer the ability to respond to a variety of situations.

Uses of textiles

Disaster zone areas are looking at using textile applications to provide warmth, construction material and a durable environment. Fibres and textile techniques are also playing a huge part in therapeutic practice, both physical and mental.
Outside our personal and immediate community relationship with textiles, they also have the power to politicise. Using certain fabrics and techniques can be forbidden acts; they may contain hidden messages of protest and implement social change.
Making and design cannot be isolated from wider political events, even if they are not directly involved. Questions must be asked about fair trade, the support and exploitation of indigenous processes, materials and techniques, as well as cultural precedents and initiatives supporting developing communities.
Running through all these acts textiles have, and must continue to do, answered our need for beauty and for personal and environmental adornment.

End results

Participation in this studio will result in work focussed towards interior and personal responses, but students wishing to integrate fashion textiles into their outcomes will be fully supported through the cross-disciplinary approach of the textile studio.
Close-up photograph of textiles.


James Hunting
Where Calcutta House, Studio 7, 2nd Floor
When Tuesday and Friday
Carly Bream 
Mahmuda Begum
Sarai Bibby
Loraine Feldman 
Hayley Jones 
Arooj Khan 
Frances McBain 
Hafsah Rahman
Sultana Rahman
Carolina Vilao 
Yasmin Afif 
Sabreen Ali 
Sade Allen
Denise Amanda Lewis
Ama Dapaah
Charys Love Akemesson 
Abbie Malthouse 
Rozie Mizon 
Anna Page 
Drasti Patel 
Beata Religa
Miriam Seisay
Stephanie Tandoh 
Jessica Warner
Ellie Williams
Leticia Zampangi