Studio 3: The Imminent City

Studio brief  

Cities bind us. They shape our habits, our rituals and our routines and in turn we shape them. They demand our time, our attention and inevitably, without knowing it, we give it to them and feed them. 

We’re interested in what the city of tomorrow looks like – not in 100 years or even 10 years, but in a year or two. We’ll look at the city today – discuss what works. What doesn’t. What patterns exist. What rituals take place. What makes the city the city. 

We’ll go on great journeys, look at the people, study systems and make new things. Things that challenge the status quo. Things that help us navigate. Things that get in the way. Things that people do and things that people don’t. 

We’re going to be busy making things, mostly useful things, but most of all we’ll be producing work. We’ll do this through three briefs, each exploring a different aspect of the city. 

‘Journeys and systems’ explores how we navigate, ‘Labour’ explores patterns of work, signifiers, props and tools and ‘Waiting’ explores the socio-cultural patterns that take place in the bits in between our interactions with others.

The Imminent City: the city is not a concrete jungle it is a human zoo


Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Tutor Matt Wade (Kin)
Luke Thompson (Kin)
Ricardo Eversley
Michelle Salamon
Where Commercial Road, Studio 4, 6th Floor
When Tuesday and Friday
Kevin  LI 
Valerie TITO
Silvia  WU
Angela NOON
Anuschka RAPER