Interior Narrative Spaces

Studio brief

This studio is designed to broaden the paradigm of a range of media practices by exploring different storytelling formats and types of exhibition space. The studio is underpinned by workshops on the origins and contemporary practices of animation. Seminars also explore a range of approaches to narrative and sound including: Propp’s Morphology, genre & leitmotifs, German expressionism, mise-en-scène and montage. 

Part one of the studio involves developing an immersive audio-visual installation-performance at London’s multi award winning Rosemary Branch Theatre, as part of the Suspense Puppetry Festival 2015. The project is directed by Japanese audio-visual artist Noriko Okaku, and involves projection mapping with VJ techniques resembling a Vaudeville magic lantern show, accompanied by a soundtrack written by Italian screen composer Enrica Sciandrone.

The upstairs bar of the Rosemary Branch Theatre is transformed with panoramic scenes from the fairy tale appearing in the windows, giving audiences the sense that they have been transported into a fairy tale world. The three-and-a-half minute piece is retold several times in different genres including Fairy Tale, Western and Science Fiction.

Part two of the studio repeats the annual Geffrye Museum of the Home inspired narrative set design project, which culminates this year in an educational talk and exhibition in partnership with the museum. The project uses the museum’s unique collection of reconstructed living spaces as inspiration for a series of research-informed animation set designs that each tell a unique story about their absent occupants.

Artist’s impression of projection mapping in Rosemary Branch Theatre


Course Animation BA (Hons)
Tutors Mark Collington & Noriko Okaku