Growing Up

Studio brief

"An autobiography is so difficult to write because we possess no standards, no objective foundation, from which to judge ourselves."
Carl Jung
This studio will ask students to consider formative incidents from their own past, such as leaving school, leaving home, getting a job, going to university, first love and to explore, dramatise, fictionalise and express their feelings about these memories using the moving image as an artistic medium. A range of approaches may be used to convey these moments, not only conventional narrative fiction, but also the poetic, impressionistic and exploratory. Members of this studio will be encouraged to consider the function and reliability of memory, as well as the ethics of constructing narratives from real events.
During the course of the studio, students will participate in the production of three film projects; a film experiment, a "drama" project and a live project working to a client brief, as well as undertaking various technical exercises, a short script and contributing to the School’s Celebration Week.
Image: Chloe Evans, Elizabeth M. Williams and Martha Watson All press in “Nikola Adapts”


Course Film & Broadcast Production BA (Hons)
Tutor Peter Hewitt
Charlotte Worthington
Anita Lewton
Lorenzo Levrini
Chris Andrews
Spencer Samuel
and visiting lecturers TBC