Rethinking Animation

Studio Brief

This studio is designed to broaden understanding of how to interpret different forms of narrative, through an innovative range of animation & sound techniques, and presentation formats. The studio will actively encourage engagement with interior architecture and fashion in the cross-disciplinary development of concepts, with a range of individual pieces of work that form part of a larger collaborative project. The initial aim of this studio is to develop and pitch a project idea to a real client.

The final outcome is to deliver a professional outcome for public exhibition in response to client feedback. There is the option to work with in two areas of animation, advertising and narrative genres.

Rethinking advertising using the concept of ephemeral spaces, the studio will support the Aduna campaign to 'Make Baobab Famous'. Baobab is an exceptional super fruit from Africa with incredible health properties and the potential to generate sustainable income for 8-10 million households in Africa: The studio will investigate a range of methods used in advertising, from viral video to projection mapping on buildings and in shop windows. The studio will explore visual language through seminars on modernism and expressionism to understand how to create animation that is focused on brand values, narrative themes and emotive images. 

Rethinking narrative genres, the studio will also work with the composer of a new professional film score, exploring how genre determines narrative structure and narrative themes, but also musical structures and sounds. The studio will investigate how to hybridize genres through seminars on Russian Formalism and Structuralism. The studio will explore alternative methods of screening the final outcome, from traditional film screenings to immersive experiences involving projection mapping, 3D zoetrope and so forth.  

Rethinking Animation - Animation Studio


Course Animation BA (Hons)
Tutor Mark Collington