Studio 4: Assorted Jewels

Studio philosophy

Making artefacts involves more than design and production. Whether it is a piece of jewellery or an object with a designated function, the appeal for an onlooker or end user is how it is read, recognised or felt and to know the unique voice of the designer. The meaning that is ensconced within the artefact, lies in the intention given by the maker and in the sensing or understanding of the other, be it a gallery owner, a client or simply anyone who encounters the work. It is only when making is informed by the mixing up of different kinds of processes, methods and strategies and an awareness of possible choices that pieces could reach out as ‘Jewels’. 

‘Only the overcoming of difficulties makes a work significant: Hoc opus, hic labor est’ Nicholas Luhmann quoting Virgil   

Project brief

The studio allows participants to explore their own hinterland and discover the kind and sort of forms, materials, techniques and stories they need to express, and to develop a tacit understanding into an original voice in 2D and 3D. In a variety of affluent and thick experiments, testing and making from a given group brief, as well as self-directed individually negotiated pieces or bodies of work; the studio provides opportunities for internal and external presentations or exhibitions. Emphasis is placed on gaining a diverse range of professional, but original, explorations representing your ambition, ideas and potential in your chosen field of future practice. 

The support in the learning and making is provided in different ways: in the main through group talks, presentation and crits intersecting with workshop and making/material related demonstrations, collaborations with other disciplines, exercising communication skills as well as presenting your recent thinking through making. This is interspersed with one-to-one tutorials. 

Within the studio, you will be supported in identifying level appropriate content and its realisation. Assessment will reflect personal effort of comprehension and a range of skills relevant to a contemporary context. The sum of this experience and learning will inform your future working life and your articulated preferences manifested through things. 

Studio content:

Step I

  • Picture for the Sky
  • Workshop in the Workshop; exploring the studio theme for you - you will develop in negotiation, your particular brief for design and making and way of thinking
  • Gaggenau has invited us to work with them on their company brand for their showroom in London. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore how your own philosophy to design will work within a given brand and how you could lead clients to new territories within design

Step II

  • Making work for shows
  • Your own brief and how you work in 3D
  • Making jewels for building: there is an opportunity to explore your design and thinking on jewels for people, except their houses will be the wearer…
  • Zimmerhof: Y3 will construct their application and selection, 1 ticket for one Y2. 
  • More concentration on your own voice as a designer and how your making will expertly support the thinking
Image by Sussie Ahlberg


Course Jewellery and Silversmithing BA (Hons)
Tutor Simone ten Hompel
Silvia Weidenbach
Mah Rana
Where Studio 5, 5th Floor, Central House
When Tuesdays, Fridays

Alun Evans
Jayne Fowler
Frances Gould
Catherine Hart
Jenifer Marcal
Sophia Shmigol
Carol Sing
Shirley Vinsier Skerrit
Maciej Szpicer
Maciek Stapleton
Josephine Wood

Tania Bryson
Lucy Campen
Marguerite Chin
Eleanor Corp
Jane Cross
Wilian Gali
Caroline Jackson
Emilia Jarvis
Chelsea Kerrigan
Rosemarie Maher
Erica Punter
Kaisa Sein
Ana Simoes
Cimone Selvon-le Maitre
Jane Sprague
Sophie Todd
Yadaina Watson