Inside Out, Outside In

Studio brief

For Level 5 students: over the years the notion of “the outsider” – those who exist outside of the mainstream, has proved a strong attraction for filmmakers whether working in the factual or fictional domain. From documentaries about alternative lifestyles to dramas about rebels these are stories which provoke and engage audiences.

Through the “use” of real events and people, students will consider the ethical and moral dilemmas central to the construction of both factual and fictional screen stories. Students will learn techniques and strategies for researching and developing stories from information gathered and how to present those stories in both factual and “fictional” forms. The process will emphasise the crucial role of research.

Using the basic theme of the outsider, each student will research and prepare a documentary proposal. Through a commissioning process a pre-determined number will be selected for production. Students will then return to their initial research and re-appraise the subject matter with a view to dramatisation. Again a developmental and commissioning phase will determine those taken forward to production.

Comic style drawing of man in fedora inside tunnel


Course Media Practice: Film & Broadcast Production
Media Practice: Animation
Tutor Peter Hewitt