Tribal Talk

Studio philosophy

As designers we work to adapt, interpret and invent, to be a part of culture and propose new forms of experience. As social barriers fade and cultural experiences are shared, our scope for expression increases. This studio aims to explore the jewellery and silversmithing designer’s capacity for facilitating human connection, re-sensitizing us within the white noise of the urban context.

The studio will work to bring together two discrete areas of investigation: one emanating from exploration of the human body, its form, movement and its physical and sensory relationship to the objects we wear, carry, hold or touch – the other emerging from the context of ornament, here considered as an inherent part of who we are and born of a primary urge to make sense of the world, and make the world make sense. The human body and its multiple senses are central in informing our pleasure and understanding of our world and the objects within it, whilst ornament has the potential to make invisible forces in contemporary culture visible, offering rich potential for human expression within our everyday life.

The studio encompasses the idea of object as product, worn or otherwise related to the body but is also a vehicle for broader creative conceptual expression acknowledging of people and the body.

Project Brief:

Through the processes of drawing, photography, sound/film recording, gathering of materials and objects, experimenting, discussion and making, we will consider what is valuable in the context of our time and why.

The project will have at its heart the notion of design through dialogue - with material, process, self and others, and work to communicate ideas that are surprising, sophisticated, and innovative in their form, their story, and their materiality, working with the body, individual and tribe as our site.

The studio will evolve in response to a series of projects that allow for a broad and complex spectrum of imaginative, conceptual, visual and material response underpinned by skills workshops, and professional presentation input.

From two discrete starting points, the resulting research and experimental work will be brought together to inform the next stage. We will work towards an interim exhibition to encourage debate, gather feedback and to act as a catalyst for the final phase of the studio. Personal self-directed work after the winter break will lead towards exhibition ready work for the Summer Shows.

To benefit from the dynamic relationships that emerge from visual, verbal and experiential dialogue, there will be a small proportion of group and collaborative work alongside the focus on individual practice.

Study Trip: Munich
London Visits: British Museum, Hunterian Museum, London Walk.

Image credit: Rachel Ann Phillips, Sensory Restriction 2012 Photo: Jordan Whipps


Course Jewellery & Silversmithing BA (Hons)
Where CR415, 41 Commercial Road
When Tuesdays, Fridays
Tutor Marianne Forrest
Heidi Yeo

Studio images

 Finished work
Tribal Talk Ring Almudena Mor

Almudena Mor, ring 

Neckpiece Becky Quirk

Becky Quirk 

Neckpiece Jess Noble

Jess Noble 

 Arm piece
Arm Piece Maddie Gingell

Maddie Gingell 

Neckpiece Maarit Liukkonen

Maarit Liukkonen 

 Concrete rings
Arm Piece Maddie Gingell

Maddie Gingell 

 Soap rings
Soap Rings Maarit Liukkonen

Maarit Liukkonen 

 Ceramic neckpieces
Ceramic Neckpieces Amelie Spitz

Amelie Spitz 

 Ceramic neckpiece
Ceramic Neckpiece Amelie Spitz

Amelie Spitz 

 Tribal Talk
Tribal Talk Work in Progress

Work in progress 

 Tribal Talk
Tribal Talk Work in Progress 2

Work in progress 

 Tribal Talk
Tribal Talk Work in Progress 3

Work in progress 

Aniela Dublaszewska
Frances Frew
Wilian Gali
Maddie Gingell
Clare Hannigan
Kirsty Louise James
Min (Hyung Min) Kim
Almudena Munoz Romero
Preanka Patel
Andrea Scibisz

Jekaterina Atarinova
Jane Cross
Maarit Liukkonen
Jessica Noble
Rebecca Quirk
Claudia Smith
Amelie Spitz