The Reflective Eye

Studio philosophy

“Unless you are putting yourself on the line to a certain extent, I don’t see how it is going to take off…So I try and make all these things have some sort of significance back to things I’m looking out for and discovering myself. It’s because I am a consumer that I can recognize the consumer element in other people and in society as a whole.”

Martin Parr about his series the ‘Cost of Living’

Photography and lens-based imagery have been crucial in the history of graphic design. The relationships between image and text (and often sound) are critical, with photography arguably a pivotal discipline in this mix.

This studio will give you the opportunity to employ photography – in many forms- to create and communicate ideas and concepts in the context of graphic design, producing creative outcomes that combine lens-based images with text and where appropriate sound and other media.

Project brief

We will be looking at how, in particular, magazines and newspapers have influenced the role of the photographer (Time Life, Picture Post, The Sunday Times, etc). We will look at how Magnum photographers have integrated their own work with commissioned projects, and we will chart the continually changing way in which we consume photographs, such as online through Flicker, You tube, Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc.

By studying some of the great photographers we can identify what draws these photographers to their subject matter. We can define their style and how this style or way of working impacts on the media used. Photographers have often crossed over from making still images to film, or to making books or photo essays to be published in magazines.

Our project will encompass these many ways of disseminating the work; through multimedia, installation, books, magazines, and moving image.

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Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Where CR622A, 41 Commercial Road
When Tuesdays, Fridays
Tutors Heather McDonough
Spencer Rowell

Muna Abdo
Savvopoulou Athenesia
Cindy Jane Doyle
Amelia Farrer
Micah Robert Grant
Surichha Gurung
Nikol Kapagian
Antje Maroussi
Emma Pateman
Fernanda Previato
Rosie Spurdens
Izabella Stoke

Amani Alsaad
Richard Ansong
Rebekah Bainbridge
Rahel Beraki
Richard Clayton
Johanna Enzmann
Juan Flores
Stephanie Golding
Tom Joslin
Arooj Mehdi
Habibun Nahar
Eline B Ougendal
Guantsa Tughushi
Zimi Unzueta