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Small spaces & real freedom

The dust is settling over the Olympic site.

Stratford has undergone 100 years of re-development, condensed into 7 years. The community has been unrepentantly broken up, then repaired. There has been a fantastic revolution on an urban scale - but little time has been allowed for more natural forms of evolution or thought given to occupation at a more human scale beyond customers flows, average dwell times and footfall analysis.

Westfield Shopping Centre sits proudly at the centre of the new development - its architecture and interiors are ‘boastful and loud” in design attitude and materiality - attractive to visitors and those with cash to spend on their visit East to view the trophy site.

But now the Olympics are over - back to reality. Has the Centre - what it offers and how it is designed - really connected to the local community or is it an architectural and retail folie, ‘living” on borrowed time.

The project will be situated immediately inside and around the Stratford Centre. The proposals introduce new “community uses and ideas” into the Stratford Centre in order to connect with the local community, and promotes new and vital physical and programmatic connections that may be needed.

Retail spaces



Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design BA (Hons)

Where CR500A, 41 Commercial Road
When Tuesdays, Fridays
Tutors Steve Jensen
Olga Reid

Ayesha Afreedi
Ramona Bittere
Ella Danso
Ouza Guroz
Vandad Hatami
Janan Hussein
Foscarini Lara
Mee Luc
Sobia Malik
Bianca Minides
Kia Scott
Nikita Wilson
Daisy Wyatt

Anita Peto Bravo
Evgenia Douka
Rengin Dogan
Antonia Eppich
Lia Kvenkenrenken
Marianne Louca
Stella- Maria Mo
Nikol Pechova
Sara Sabie
Anna Wahlsten