Persuasive Illustration

Studio philosophy

Traditionally, the authenticity of illustration has been used to define consumer relationships with products such as Pepsi, Virgin, Microsoft - to name but a few – but now this persuasive addiction is being widely used within political agendas and propaganda.

Since the diversity of commissioned advertising and politicised commentary is growing, the opportunity for the use of image-making within our brand dependent, media savvy society is limitless, the use of persuasive illustration has become a global commodity.

Project brief

Through negotiated and agreed individual projects you are expected to exploring the notion of persuasive illustration, fully realising its appropriateness and effectiveness by the end of the studio.

Machine prototypes


Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Tutors Kieron Baroutchi
Michelle Salamon
Where CR114, 41 Commercial Road
When Tuesdays, Fridays

Studio images

 Work in progress


Vina Andersson
Rebecca Appleyard
Sara Kindlan-Arnisan
Claire Bastian
Mihai Andrei Boceanu
Roderick Cardenas
Santiago Carrero
Michael Costa
Katarzyna Dabrowska
Neal Desai
Nicole Donaldson
Dragia Gargov
Katie Gray
Joe Katende
Kaitrina Krasniqi
Monika Kus
Holly Martin
Josefine Nilsson
Wynona Ross
Jemma Timberlake
Julia Turner
Iqbal Uddin
Georgina Wilson
Tatiana Wisniewska

Rachel Berand
Charlotte Innell
Minseo Kang
Florencia Obert
Even H Olsen
Robert Pearce
Valentina Terzieva
Maria Di-Tommaso