Meaningful Food

Studio philosophy

This studio will allows you to understand and experiment with the emerging area of cross-disciplinary Food Design. You will be asked to focus on designing with food and designing for food developing a single project divided into two parts.

The same project will develop a product where food is the material itself (design with food), and a product designed for the previous one (design for food).

The latter could be the first product’s packaging, or an additional product indispensable in order to contain, cut, chop or protect the former.

The two products are different because of material and, possibly, production process, but are part of the same design concept and should therefore be coherent with each other as well as indispensable to each other.

You will work towards the development of a meaningful project focusing on creating a design concept that is meaningful to one of the following three pre-briefs:

Helping the body: designing for and with food for certain special needs or disabilities, such as in hospitals, or for any group with particular requirements, for example the elderly or children.

Helping the earth: designing for and with food - minimizing the use of resources, promoting what is local and organic, and towards reusing, recycling and diminishing waste.

Telling a story: designing for and with food emphasising relationships between people, human heritage, memories, dreams and the transfer of all the above from one person to another.

Project brief

The studio is divided in three parts. In the first phase you will develop collaboratively the first two phases of the design process: data finding and idea finding. In this phase you will use different design methods to approach a pre-brief aiming at finding new meanings. You will work in groups on all the three pre-briefs, looking for design themes first and design ideas later, which will then be transformed into design concepts.

You will then choose the design concepts you would like to work with and will start work individually on the research for your chosen design concept. Each design concept should have two products: one with food and one for food. In the second phase of the design process you will work on the development of the 'with food' product. In this phase you will work with food material, experimenting where possible with rapid prototyping.

During this phase you will be exposed to different processes and technologies used in the production of food, including industrially, and will be asked to experiment with them. Here, you will start thinking about food as a material that can be manipulated for mass production, making visits to food production facilities and collaborating with food scientists.

In the third phase of the design process you will work on the development of the 'for food' product, such as a packaging or a utensil.

Mug made from a cookie


Course Furniture BA (Hons)
Jewellery & Silversmithing BA (Hons)
Product Design BA (Hons)
Furniture MA
Jewellery MA
Product Design MA
Open to MA & Thirds Year Students
Where 5th Floor, Central House
When Mondays, Thursdays
Tutors Francesca Zampollo
Jaz Bradley
Mah Rana

Amaryllis Hibon
Luis Nasi
Nisan Akalin
Lindsay Alexander
Margarida Araujo
Sophie Campbell
Eleni Elli Chalkidou
Alessandra Conti
Helena Isabel de Silva Carnacho
Baptiste Cusimano
Philip Groves
David Lewis
Dovile Matukaite
Ciaran McGill
Isia Pruneddu
Akatterini Stergiou