Neo-process and Action

Studio brief

This studio investigates objects and agency in art. Spontaneity and intuition are privileged, developing externalisation and clarity of thought processes connected to making.

We are open to art students working in any media, interested in developing art practices relating to space, performance and the ways work might interact with (change and be changed by) the immediate surroundings.

Our focus is on developing spontaneous approaches to thinking through making. Spontaneity and intuition are privileged, developing the capacity to externalise and clarify thought processes connected to making. Working in groups or by themselves, art students make work in and for specific spaces inside and outside The Cass building, using materials ‘to-hand’ (they and their peers may be considered to be ‘materials’, too).

This studio centres on practical art research – a ‘research group’ involved in developing, exchanging and documenting interrelated ideas. ‘Research’ is understood here as an open-ended practice-based process of making, sharing and thinking aloud.

A blog or Facebook page acts as a group forum to share relevant images and texts.

Key questions are:

  • How is production of art-making influenced by rise of virtual space?
  • How might we make art in a climate of austerity?
  • How does art-making define, produce, examine and change space?

Short lectures are followed by workshops, often making spontaneous site-specific works. All work is appraised via group seminars and individual tutorials. Documentation of all work produced in this studio is required as a matter of professional practice.

A gallery installation showing a series of rectangular materials at unusual angles


Course Fine Art BA (Hons)
Tutor Ben Cain