Studio 3

Studio brief

Edible London

Stratford and Hayes

Studio 3 is the Live Projects Studio and explores new ways of practicing architecture.

This year we will revisit an old project and start a new project, which will have links across two different areas of London – Stratford and Hayes, both with real clients and community groups. We will discuss the architect’s continuing responsibility of their projects in the public realm.

Students will learn to self-initiate projects and about the diversity of the architect’s skills that can be applied at different scales within spatial practice. The Live Projects network will offer a unique opportunity to engage with real clients, stakeholders and local communities.

Students will be developing what we call an “Architecture of Multiple Authorship”. This is based on the belief that architecture is not produced by one star architect but is a collective effort within community experts, cultural practitioners and designers.

Studio 3 will explore creatively the use of locally sourced recycled materials mixed with contemporary production methods to develop a contemporary design language. We will continue to work with 1:1 hands-on constructions.

This year, students will work on two projects, Abbey Gardens in Stratford and Austin Estate in Hayes. In Stratford, we will work with an established group of artists, designers and community entrepreneurs who make up the client body Friends of Abbey gardens at local community garden- Abbey Gardens, Stratford. We will work with them to redesign and build their social hub at the back of the community garden and strategies in how to deal with a previous student project called Eco Shed.

In Hayes where the project will be facilitated and supported by Cass Projects, the local MP, his constituency office and other supporters will make up the client body at Austin Estate. We will make proposals for a community hub in response to the“Greening the City” grant.

The studio trip will go to the 13thVenice Biennial, where students will study re-use and recycled materials in contemporary art and architecture and the topical Edible Cities.

Previous Mobile Room by Studio 3 (2008/9) to be converted into new Mobile Community Hub


Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1
Tutor Torange Khonsari
Sandra Denicke-Polcher