Interiors Year 2 Studio 02: London Calling

Studio brief

Our urban environment is full of streets that are lined with cafes, shops and offices. Places where you need to buy something or make an appointment in order to spend time there. Where do you go not just to be but to be heard, accounted for and to be a physical part of that locality? It’s so easy to reach out online but how does this really connect people in and to their local and natural environments?

Part 1

The brief asks you to design a place for local people, be they homeless, a child, a business owner, a shop keeper or a grandparent. For them to find a place to tell a story or write about a moment, heart felt, funny or simply everyday through all mediums of pen, print and voice. The space would allow people to write sentences to authoring books, to draw, illustrate and commit the narrative to a place that would be seen and read. It would welcome film, podcasts, interviews, readings and poetry. Its aim and priority is to welcome all, it asks for time in the sense of how people live their lives to be communicated, recorded in all these forms in a daily manner. There are no hierarchies this space will literally demonstrate the life and times of its neighbourhood.

You're asked to develop ideas that respond to the function of writing, drawing, speaking, printing and publishing through the articulation within your chosen spaces. Consider the flexibility of the space and how it could be used for those writing a quick note to those penning detailed articles. Think about how some people would need solitude, quiet and intimate spaces to those that would speak to an audience.

How do you welcome all? Consider the light and materials, their textures and colours.

Name your new place, think about its signage and wayfinding.

Part 2

Taking your concept that was developed for the Whitechapel Gallery and move these spatial ideas into the streets, lanes and markets to give ephemeral and instant space that would allow the opportunity for people to record the everyday within the exterior. 

man sitting on tower block with stick in white circle on yellow background


Course Interior Design BA (Hons) 
Tutor Kaye Newman
Janette Harris
Luigi Simione
Cristina Morbi
Where Calcutta House
When Tuesday and Friday

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