Studio 17: Souvenir

Dr Lesley Stevenson

This studio is concerned with those objects that are lent a particular enchantment because of their relationship with the past. It considers the role of memory and how it is embodied in cultural artefacts (postcards / photographs / war memorials / landscapes / gardens / tourist trophies / Victorian hair jewellery / mementos / family heirlooms / eBay bargains), and seeks to address the gaps between those private, small objects – the ephemera of everyday life which are often associated with the intimate spaces of the body – and the grander projects of the public body, often artefacts of enduring commemoration. Souvenirs are both traces of highly personal experiences and part of a growing nostalgia industry that is fed by the acts and artefacts of collective remembering.

Suggested reading

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Films to watch

  • Terence Davies (dir.) Of time and the city, 2008.
  • Grant Gee (dir.) Innocence of memories, 2015.

Studio image by Lesley Stevenson. Banner: Hans Op de Beeck, Staging Silence (3), video still (detail), 2019

Souvenir – Lesley Stevenson


Tutor Lesley Stevenson


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