Principal members

  • Prof Hassan Kazemian ( – Research interests include applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to many areas such as: big data research; cyber security research, such as steganography, cryptography, identity resolution, crowd sourced data, mobile devices security, cloud security, web server attacks, penetration testing, e-commerce security and policy, GDPR, cryptocurrency, dark net and social graph; membrane protein (bioinformatics research); data mining and data warehousing; applications of AI to robotics; neuro-linguistic programming and natural language processing. Currently part of a five million Euro EU Horizon 2020 Spirit (Scalable Privacy Preserving Intelligence Analysis for Resolving Identities) project consortium with 17 European partners.  
  • Dr Jun Li ( Research Interests include Dr Li is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Mathematics at the School of Computing and Digital Media. He is specialised in data analysis and mathematical modelling applied to multiple disciplines. His research interests are in big data, information theory and economic geography.
  • Dr Mohammadhossein Amirhosseini ( Dr Amirhosseini is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow contributing to the SPIRIT (Scalable Privacy Preserving Intelligence Analysis for Resolving Identities) project European Horizon 2020, which has been granted a €5 million fund by the European Union. Research interests include applications of AI and machine learning techniques to cyber security, identity resolution, entity recognition, natural language processing, text mining, data mining, human-computer interaction, psychology, cognitive processing, neuro-linguistic programming, human representational systems, organisational performance, organisational culture, personality type prediction, personality modelling, personality development, communication, knowledge management, project management and e-learning.  
  • Prof Karim Ouazzane ( – Research interests include: 
    • Identifying and predicting behaviour of human using computer vision
    • Intelligent and continuous bimodal speech recognition for wireless devices
    • Fraud detection framework using machine learning and deep learning
    • Video trajectory reconstruction using neural networks;
    • Cyber threat intelligence modelling using AI and machine learning
    • Build a centralised management system that encapsulates the core aspects of the business and accommodates the raising requirements of business growth
    • Cyber security framework for protecting SMEs IT infrastructure
    • Authentication system for e-learning platform
    • Customised intelligent keyboard for disabled people
    • Intelligent intrusion detection system for shared networks
  • Dr Vassil Vassilev ( – Research interests include artificial intelligence, description logic, security analytics, semantic web, linguistic disambiguation. Dr Vassilev is a reader in AI and cyber security.
  • Dr Qicheng Yu ( – Dr Yu acts as the Subject Standard Board Chair of Computer Science and Applied Computing and the course leader of Data Analytics MSc and Information Technology (Distance Learning) MSc programmes. His research interests include data mining, text mining and big data analysis; data warehousing and business intelligence; cyber security; software agents in distributed systems; and e-business and e-commerce systems.
  • Dr Kenneth White ( – Dr White is a molecular biologist based in the Institute for Health Research and Policy at London Metropolitan University who has extensive experience in the implementation of bioinformatic applications. Current research interests include study of specific transmembrane proteins as well as analysis of genomic plasticity and the proteome.
  • Dr Preeti Patel ( – Dr Patel’s research interests are varied and have included graduate competency and employability, assessment feedback methods, learning-related issues for database environments and knowledge management systems. Dr Patel is currently supervising in the areas of machine learning and learning technologies in Higher Education. Dr Patel is Head of Computer Science and Applied Computing.
  • Dr Jane Turner ( Choreographer Dr Turner is a performer, researcher and Senior Lecturer, working within the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University. Her research interests include: self-organising systems, complexity and emergence has involved numerous collaborative interdisciplinary projects that investigate the interface between art, science and new technologies in diverse environments through choreographic experimentations including: several EU Culture 2000 supported projects. Turner’s written, performative and multi-modal research is disseminated at academic conferences, online and in public venues using interconnected multi-modal media with her dance theatre company TURNING WORLDS and is regularly supported by the Arts Council England.

PhD Students – Resources at ISRC

  • Asif Nawaz, Title: Intelligent pattern recognition approach to identity resolution.
  • Phil Eade, Title: The Intelligent Systems Enabled Media Value Chain: A Delphi Study into the Impact of Intelligent Systems on the Media Production and Distribution industry.
  • Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Title: Evolution of funding conditions and liquidity in the Greek banking system.
  • Shargeel Aslam, Title: Semantic search in distributed and heterogeneous environment.
  • Muhammad Majid Afzal, Title: Incremental reconstruction of human object trajectory in live video.
  • Istteffanny Araujo, Title: Steganography, investigations of eavesdropping in a perceived safe file such as a PDF or an image.
  • Cedric Maxime Grimaldi, Title: Machine Learning Approach to Beta-Barrel Prediction Analysis.
  • Yang Ma, Title:  Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search (PEKS).
  • Guo Ruisheng, Title: Intelligent Diagnostic Feedback in Virtual Learning Environment systems.
  • Ramzi Djemai, Title: Heuristic Constraint-Based Planning.
  • Kanana Ezekiel, Title: Conceptual model for managing dynamic business rule components & distributed rules behaviour.
  • Arlindo Almada, Title: Individualisation of the coaching process for students via a voice chatbot on the field of Natural Language Process - Deep Learning (NLP-DL).
  • Chie Ikeda, Title: New Framework Development for Improving Features Engineering for Fraud Detection of Financial Transactions using Machine Learning Methods.
  • Massimo Tamos, Title: Identification of methodology for machine learning application to cyber security and relevant cost analysis.
  • Yogesh Patel, Title: Detecting Fraudulent Transactions in Financial Services using Machine Learning Methods.
  • Michael Ulman, Title: A personalised planning agent system for the disabled using semantic web technologies.


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