Research programmes

Grants and Projects

In 20 years the centre has attracted around eleven million pounds of research grants from Horizon 2020, Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) under Science Research Investment Fund (SRIF), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), The Royal Society, Emerald Funds, Development Fund, LDA, Knowledge Connect and 16 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KPT). Some of the recent grants and third stream incomes are outlined below:

Recent grants and third stream income

  1. EU Horizon 2020 Spirit project, the grant is 5 million Euros between 17 partners (326,000 Euros approx) is for Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC). The grant is in the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning for cybersecurity. The title of the grant is: Scalable privacy preserving intelligence analysis for resolving identities (SPIRIT).
  2. Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with eConnect Cars: to develop a bespoke software application that will facilitate a large scale use of electric vehicles in a private hire operation to provide efficiency, customer service and driver experience.
  3. Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Development of software package for IT security and network protection for small businesses; company: LifelineIT.
  4. The centre has just been awarded an Emerald - Standard grant to develop an intelligent graphical user interface software suit that will predict and analyse membrane protein classifying into Alpha helix and Beta barrel for commercialisation purposes.
  5. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships fund. Ask Electronics Ltd: to develop a host of bespoke e-business solutions coupled with a comprehensive marketing strategy addressing brand development, growth and online sales.
  6. The centre was awarded a grant from the Development Fund to research into the applications of artificial intelligence techniques to membrane protein.
  7. The centre obtained an Emerald (mini) pre-commercialisation fund for patent and marketing of an integrated membrane protein prediction and analysis for commercialisation purposes.
  8. The centre obtained an EPSRC grant for a research entitled: A fuzzy approach to video transmission over Bluetooth. The overall aim of the project is concerned with transmission of digital video signal over Bluetooth wireless.
  9. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships fund. Essex Disabled People's Association (EDPA) Agency. To develop Intelligent Keyboard software, capable of detecting a person's disability and correcting accordingly to help disabled users to use standard software.
  10. The centre obtained Emerald standard pre-commercialisation fund for a research entitled: A prototype for real-time video transmission over Bluetooth wireless using intelligent systems. The overall aim of the project will be concerned with building a working model for real-time transmission of digital video over Bluetooth wireless providing image quality.
  11. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships fund. Title: Universal Digital Content and Communications Suite, The aim of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership project is to develop and build the technology platform and associated systems and products to create a universal digital content and communications suite for a UK company called Underscore Ltd.
  12. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships fund. Working with Rankhour Limited. Rankhour Ltd and London Metropolitan University are to build a centralised management system (CMS) that encapsulates the core aspects of the business, accommodates the arising requirements of business growth, enables the expansion of operations into European markets and creates a stable platform to which advanced business modules can be added.
  13. The centre obtained the Royal Society research grant in the applications of intelligent systems to food engineering. This is a collaborative work between the Intelligent Systems Research Centre at London Metropolitan University and the Sugar Research Group at Instituto Superior Politécnico "José Antonio Echeverría" in Cuba.
  14. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: To develop an intelligent image processing system allowing the remote authentication and invigilation of examination candidates using neural network and image processing technologies; Healthcare Company Ltd.
  15. The Centre has obtained several Knowledge Connect Projects, such as:
    • an embedded video training platform for the Good Vibes gym. Development of a novel on-line video publication content management system.
    • developing a dynamic and platform independent health monitoring mobile system.
    • "development of a software training strategy" for Sprintware, funded by LDA.
  16. Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Coborn Ltd: to build a knowledge management system to support the transformation of the traditional reactive production business into a modern productive and profitable knowledge intensive and proactive business, including the company’s culture.
  17. Yearly continuous income from EPSRC for acting as peer review college member.
  18. Innovate UK Project - SYCAMORE: Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessment of Cyber Security Policies.