Paper publications in international refereed journals and conferences



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  • J. Turner (2018) Dancer with Passage for PAR a large scale performance for 30 women by choreographer Rosemary Lee for the Groundwork Festival, Cornwall, commissioned by CAST, 2018.
  • J. Turner (2018) TURNING WORLDS presents The CFC Cabaret at First Manoeuvres, the Junction Arts Centre, Cambridge, 14th March 2018.
  • J. Turner (2018) Dancer with the Big Sexy Show for over 60s Posh Clubs England, Hastings, Hackney, Hove, Elephant & Castle, Crawley, produced by Duckie, supported by a Celebrating Age grant from Arts Council, 2018.


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  • J. Turner (2017) Semaphore#Selfies at Conway Hall March 1st and Colchester Arts Centre March 8th with TURNING WORLDS and Dr Richard Hoadley (Anglia Ruskin University), 2017.


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  • H.M. Elhoseny, O.S. Faragallah, H.E.H. Ahmed, H. Kazemian, H.S. El-sayed, F.E. Abd El-Samie (2016)  The Effect of Fractional Fourier Transform Angle in Encryption Quality for Digital Images, Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics,, 127 (1), 315–319, Jan 2016.
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  • J. Turner (2016) Semaphore#Selfies at the New Cut Arts Centre, Suffolk, May 7th with  TURNING WORLDS and Dr Richard Hoadley (Anglia Ruskin University), 2016.
  • J. Turner (2016) Choreograms as the opening performance at the Early Dance Centre Biennial Conference, Terpsichore and her Sisters: the Relationships between Dance and other Arts, April 8th, Anglia Ruskin University, 23rd April, Clear Cut, Globe Theatre Cardiff, October 6th and at the Chelmsford Festival, November 12th with TURNING WORLDS  Dr Richard Hoadley (Anglia Ruskin University), 2016.
  • J. Turner (2016) Choreographer/performer for dancefilm A Rare Glimpse garnering the Pavilion Dance South West’s Joie de Vivre Bronze Award July 2016 presented as part of Art of Age II programme Lillian Baylis Theatre, Sadlers Wells December 2016.
Mohammadhossein Amirhosseini presenting in front of a screen with an image of Dr Richard Bandler

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