Members List

The Director of the research centre is Hassan Kazemian and the Associate Director is Karim Ouazzane, The School of Computing and Digital Media, London Metropolitan University, Tower Building, Holloway Road, London N7 8DB, UK.

Principal members

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to many areas such as: Big data research; many IT security research such as steganography, penetration testing, cryptography, identity resolution, identification of malicious website from non-malicious website and web applications security, DoS attacks, IT security policy for small businesses, to name a few; membrane protein (bioinformatics research); data mining and data warehousing; applications of AI to robotics; improving information quality in crowd-sourced data; assisted living; Neuro Linguistic Programming and Natural Language Processing.

1. Identifying and predicting behaviour of human using computer vision; 2. Intelligent and continuous bimodal speech recognition for wireless devices; 3. Build a centralised management system that encapsulates the core aspects of the business and accommodates the raising requirements of business growth; 4. Cyber security framework for protecting SMEs IT infrastructure; 5. Authentication system for e-learning platform; 6. Customised intelligent keyboard for disabled people; 7. Intelligent intrusion detection system for shared networks.

Professor Dominic Palmer-Brown:
Professor Dominic Palmer-Brown's research expertise is in neural computing and artificial intelligence. His research investigates: neural network approaches to data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing; cognitive science and user modelling; virtual learning environments; and the modal learning approach to neural computing.

Professor Yong Xue    
Professor Xue’s research interests are: Geocomputation and remote sensing, especially on high performance geocomputation. Prof Xue is a reader in computation and leads the Informatics Research Group.

Dr Yanguo Jing:
Research interests are: 1. User modelling and intelligent agents in user interface design.  2. Advanced mobile technology and its applications (i.e. in-door positioning, pervasive computing).  3. Advanced Web technology and its applications (i.e. e-commerce systems, CMS, semantic Web). Dr Jing is academic leader and associate professor.

Dr Qicheng Yu:  
Dr Qicheng Yu’s research interests are: data mining, text mining and big data analysis; data warehousing and business intelligence; software agents in distributed systems; and e-business and e-commerce systems.

Research interests are: Information Security: including Digital Forensics, Information Security Management and IT Security Technologies. Dr Cai is a senior lecturer and the course leader for BSc Computer Forensics and IT Security and BSc Computer Networking and IT Security.

Vassil Vassilev:
Research interests are: Intelligent semantic web, web services, linguistic thesaurus, WordNet.,web software architectures, and system integration. Dr Vassilev is a senior lecturer.

Dr Kenneth White: 
Dr White is a molecular biologist based in the Institute for Health Research and Policy at London Metropolitan University who has extensive experience in the implementation of bioinformatic applications.  Current research interests include study of specific transmembrane proteins as well as analysis of genomic plasticity and the proteome.  Dr White is a reader.

Dr Vincent Hargy:
Geospatial interpolation of accumulated temperature using ensembles of artificial neural networks. This study will use of ensembles of neural nets to investigate the effectiveness of combining optimised nets in interpolating measures of accumulated temperature. 

Dr Amir Khossousi:
Research interests include: Applications of randomised search methods for optimisation problems, e.g. simulated annealing and genetic algorithms; computational methods in finance. Dr Khossousi is a principal lecturer.

Nigel Medhurst:
Research interests are: fostering multi and visual literacies in online collaborative learning environments. I am also actively involved in research into how student-created multimedia can be used for peer teaching and learning. Dr Medhurst is a senior lecturer.

Dr Deepthi Ratnayake:  
Research interests are: wireless network intruder detection systems, optimization using neural networks and Genetic Algorithms. Dr Ratnayake is a visiting lecturer in School of Computing.

Current PhD students: 21

External member: Dr Shafi Ahmed: 
Shafi's research interests are in data mining, Bayesian analysis, machine learning models, web security and mobile & web technologies. He is currently working as an application developer in the DataSciences division at Public Groupe UK.

External member: Dr Jun Li:
Research Interests: Economic and biological modelling by applying mathematical and intelligent techniques. He also has a strong background in distributed systems and software engineering. Dr. Li is a lecturer at Wolverhampton University.

External member:  Professor Martin Wright:
Martin is a professional new media producer. Founder of UK's multimedia industry,  many awards including BIMA, BAFTA, New York film festival.

External member: Dr Lyn Rees:
Research interests: Neural networks and SVM computer modelling of the hydrodynamical flow in the River Medway estuary at its confluence with the River Thames.