Current Doctor of Education (EdD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students

Current Doctor of Education (EdD) students at the thesis stage

NameThesis title
Allison, Heather An exploration of the educational and social experiences of lone parents studying in higher education
Benson, Alan The experience of PGCE trainees from outside the UK in becoming UK mathematics teachers
Bonetti, Viv Shifting identities of Bengali female learners in ESOL: A post-structuralist feminist exploration of classed, "raced' and gender identities
Chalk, Peter Exploring the relationship between student identities and academic achievement in undergraduate computer science education
Curran, John An investigation into student sense of belonging at a post-1992 university
Fregona, Charlotte Templating the Academy: troubling discourses of ‘teacher excellence’ in UK higher education
Ghebru, Michael Computational Capital: Factors that influence the degree attainment of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students on undergraduate computing degrees.
Goldstone, Barrie Dousing the flames of ambition? An examination of class barriers to students' access to professional legal education
Helyer, Lee Squashing, Quashing, Achieving and succeeding: Unearthing and interrogating dominant discourses with regards to 'creative worker' identities in secondary schools.
Jefferys, Christine Leadership for social justice: investigating head-teacher agency in English secondary schools
Joseph, Hazel An exploration of children’s negotiations of their raced, gendered in intervention programmes designed to ‘raise attainment’ in literacy at KS1
Khan, Tehmina Forced to teach: Teachers negotiating their professional and cultural identities when addressing forced marriage in the classroom
Long, Jodie Ann Gender and leadership: How do women deputy headteachers negotiate their leadership identities/subjectivities in secondary schools in England?
McCallum, Andrew Who gets to be creative in class? Constructions of creativity by secondary school teachers of English
Mikuska, Eva Early years practitioners narratives: What makes a ‘good’ early years practitioner?
Okpalanwankwo, Charles Technology and parental non-involvement: West African migrant parents' engagement with their children's education using technology and the role of social class and habitus
Pelham, Peter English higher education as ‘dressage’: investigating academic/student identities and pedagogic relationships within consumerist discourses.
Rajah, Heera Becoming 'NEET': An exploration of marginalised young people's trajectories and experiences
White, Rita The construction of learner and cultural identities of Roma children in England and Turkey

 Current Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students

NameThesis title
Altugan, Arzu The relationship between learning, motivation and cultural identity
Davulcular, Serpil The inter-generational perceptions of gendered and cultural identity in relation to Turkish Cypriots living in London
Kanu, Mohamed Pathways to higher education: A biographical case-study of postgraduate students from Sierra Leone
Musoke, Waliah An ethnographic study of Ugandan parents' experiences of supporting their children's learning within their home environments
Nare, Gugu HIV prevention education (guidance and counselling) and national policies in Zimbabwe
Part, Tracy A study into identity formation: troubling stories of adults taming mathematics
Ratz, Sibylle Second and third language identities of language students in Scotland
Ross, Margaret Supporting children's visits to parents in prison: Exploring the communities of practice in prison visitors' centres


Completed PhD/EdD Theses

Awarded students 

NameThesis titleAward DateAward
Smith, Catherine Choosing more mathematics: an exploration of participation and learner identities in the Further Mathematics Network 26 March 2012 PhD
Muscat, Gaetana Maltese children's construction of identities through their engagement with the media 7 May 2015 PhD
Brook, Victoria Student teachers' decision-making about working at master's level on their PGCE courses 10 June 2013 PROFDC
Kazmi, Naveed How do middle class Pakistani young people construct contemporry international conflicts? 12 June 2014 PhD
Hollingsworth, Sumi A sociological exploration of social mixing: young people's friendships in urban schools 20 February 2014 PhD
Massey, Anne Experiences of older undergraduate students in higher education: constructions of age and gender 10 August 2015 PROFDC
Zergaw, Getachew Mature non-specialist undergraduate students and the challenges they face in learning mathematics 22 October 2014 PROFDC
Papanastasiou, Efthymia Gender and leadership in Greek primary education

3 March 2016

Ray, Smita From 'nobody' to 'somebody': challenges and opportunities for Gujarati women learning English in London 9 November 2015 PhD
Banner, Jack Exploring narratives of exclusion from school: How adolescent boys and educationalists negotiate schooling, family and gendered discourses 9 November 2015 PROFDC