About our research programmes

The Cyber Security Research Centre runs several long-term research programmes:

  • Fraud Detection (Leader: Prof Karim Ouazzane)
  • Threat Intelligence (Leader: Prof Karim Ouazzane)
  • Vulnerability Analysis (Leader: Dr Vassil Vassilev)
  • Security by Design (Leader: Dr Vassil Vassilev)
  • Behavioural Security Analytics (Leader: Dr Jun Li)
  • Signal Processing for Information Security (Leader: Prof Hassan Kazemian)

These programmes span across several technological areas - Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things and Network Security and involve cutting age methods of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Currently the Centre provides supervision of 15 PhD students and employs 5 full-time postdoc researchers and 4 part-time developers.


Diagram showing the Cyber Security Strategies: from Prevention to Protection

Fig.1 Cyber Security Strategies

Research programmes

 Cyber security strategies
Cyber security sequential diagram of strategies to maintain and restore protection.