About our research programmes

The Cyber Security Research Centre runs several long-term research programmes:

  • Fraud Detection (Leader: Prof Karim Ouazzane)
  • Threat Intelligence (Leader: Prof Karim Ouazzane)
  • Vulnerability Analysis (Leader: Dr Vassil Vassilev)
  • Security by Design (Leader: Dr Vassil Vassilev)
  • Behavioural Security Analytics (Leader: Dr Jun Li)
  • Signal Processing for Information Security (Leader: Prof Hassan Kazemian)

These programmes span across several technological areas – Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things and Network Security and involve cutting-edge methods of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Currently the Centre provides supervision of 15 PhD students and employs five full-time post-doc researchers and four part-time developers.


Diagram showing the Cyber Security Strategies: from Prevention to Protection

Cyber security strategies

Research programmes

 Cyber security strategies
Cyber security sequential diagram of strategies to maintain and restore protection.


 Local cloud architecture for security analytics
Cyber Security Cloud