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Staff, Students and Visitors to the Centre for Communications Technology (* External examiner, ** Internal examiner)

Prof L.A. Trinogga*, Dr Mohamad Farhat, Dr Saeed R Taghizadeh**, Dr Bal Virdee

Prof Dick Meadows**, Prof John Gardiner*, Dr Christos Grassopoulos,

Prof Dick Meadows, Prof John Gardiner, Dr Bal Virdee

Dr Robin Corlett Dr Avtar Virdee Prof John Gardiner* Prof Dick Meadows**

Dr Bal Virdee Dr Metin Yazgi

Miss Chye Chong, Mr Suhail Basher, Dr Metin Yazgi, Dr Bal Virdee

Dr Bal Virdee and a group of students

Dr Demetri Kalymnios, Yanhua Wang, Dr Bal Virdee