Grants and projects


  1. 2015 HORIZON 2020 (EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation) grant of €1.2M with a consortium of three SMEs.
  2. 2014 LMU Capital Project fund of £80,000 – Prof Bal Virdee
  3. 2013 École Polytechnique Fėdėrale de Lausanne, travel grant support of £500 – Prof Mike Brinson
  4. 2010-2011 Industrial sponsorship of a comparative modelling study using Qucs and SimulationX (Modelica). One year full industrial level license from ITT GmBH, Dresden, Germany. Value of support £20,000 – Prof Mike Brinson
  5. 2012 Indian National Academy of Engineering, travel grant support of £2500 – Prof Mike Brinson
  6. 2012 COMON European Compact Modeling Network, travel grant support of £1500 – Prof Mike Brinson
  7. 2007-2011 EU "Analytical GD Research Training Network", GLADNET total funding €2.86M (Project reference: 35459) – Prof Edward Steers
    Collaborators included:
    • Swiss Federal Institute for Material Science and Technology, Thun
    • Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung Dresden e.V.
    • Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics, Budapest
    • Swerea KIMAB, Korrosions- och Metallforskningsinstitutet AB, Stockholm
    • Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, London, Physics Dept.
    • University of Antwerp, Chemistry Dept.
    • University of Oviedo, Chemistry Dept.
    • St. Petersburg State University, Chemistry, Dept.
    • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physics
    • Indiana University, Chemistry Dept.
    • AQura GmbH (Degussa AG), Hanau
    • LECO Instrumente Plzen, spol. s r.o., Czech Republic
    • ThyssenKrupp Steel AG, Dortmund
    • Shiva Europe EAG, Toulouse
    • TOFWERK AG, Thun
  8. 2008 Analytical Graphics, Inc. for STK worth $3.151M – Prof Bal Virdee
  9. ITI for Modelica research coupled to Qucs for compact device modelling of emerging technologies using SimulationX worth £100k – Prof Mike Brinson
  10. Royal Academy of Engineering, international travel grant to date £24,000 – Prof Bal Virdee
  11. London Metropolitan University Microwaves, a third stream income generation activity with a turnover to date > £1M – Prof Bal Virdee
  12. 2000 University of North London, research funding £40,000 – Prof Bal Virdee

Current research projects

  • Novel Metamaterial Frequency Discriminating Devices For Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems Kafil Uddin Ahmed
  • Frequency Selective Devices for Wireless Microwave Systems Muhammad K Z Bajwa
  • Novel Narrowband Microstrip Filters for Wireless Communications Systems Mohammad Farhat (completed March 2010)
  • Novel Structures and Applications of Polymer Optical Fibres J Munisami
  • A Theoretical and Simulation Study of S-Domain to Z-Domain Transforms With Special Reference to Modelling and Design of Discrete-Time Signal Processing Systems Abel Mweta
  • The Effect of Molecular Gases on Glow Discharge Spectra Viktoria Weinstein
  • Investigation and Development of a Novel High-Speed Sensory System for Colour Recognition of Frequency-Tuned Materials Anthony David McGrath
  • Development of a New Security Mechanism Reference and Model for Intrusion Detection Systems in Wireless LANs Shahram Salekzamankhani
  • Equation Defined Device modelling of Floating Gate M.O.S.F.E.Ts using QUCS software, with specific emphassis on Neural Network weight storage requirements Mike Cullinan