Making Matters

Making Matters deals with the practices, processes and theories of the creative arts. The Group fosters interdisciplinary exchanges with the purpose of reframing our understanding of the act of making and how this may be viewed both as a methodological vehicle and as the outcome of a rigorous research process. It promotes and supports the creation of new work, seen as embodied research and creative innovation. Making, in this sense, is approached as a broad concept, embracing both material and conceptual practices across all creative disciplines. From exploring how an artwork (object-based, design-based, digital, ephemeral, etc.) may constitute research, to developing innovative systems of making creative work, Making Matters aims to promote research projects and practice-based investigation in this area of inquiry, hosting regular events, exhibitions and seminars.

Latest news from CREATURE

Banner Image: Final Score detail of Flow, Dr Johanna Hällsten (2019)
Main Image: Co-ordinate process models, Simone ten Hompel (2019)