Complex Disease

Obesity – the role of genes

The group has fundamental interest in obesity and current research is focused on the role of genes, including leptin and the leptin receptor, predisposing to this condition.  
We are working on fetal growth genes and how these impact on adult health in particular obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Previous research has also focused on their role in interindividual differences in body mass and bone density.

In addition, we have nascent research in collaboration with which involves investigating the genetics of the formation of microvesicles and their role in host susceptibility to intracellular infection.


Inherited Polymorphisms

The human genome is inherited in discrete portions, so it is possible to look at polymorphism in one location and for it to be inherited along with a distal polymorphism. This image shows two blocks that contain polymorphisms that are inherited together.





  • Dr Una Fairbrother


  • Prof Alex Blakemore (IC)
  • Dr Andrew Walley (IC)